cyber sex: do you think Lea Michele should tone it down? wanna see a pic of Russell Brand from hs?

should lea tone it down or live it up?

Parents are saying Lea Michele is way too sexy on the cover of this month’s Cosmopolitan. Naysayers seem to think she’s confusing teens who love good gURL Rachel Berry on Glee. Do you think Lea should act a little more like Rachel? [Jezebel]

A high school photo Russell Brand has just surfaced and it’s…well, take a look for yourself. Do awkward younger pics of celebs make you feel good about the future?  [I Don’t Like You In That Way]

Hellcats stars Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka share their thoughts about the lack of cheerleaders at the Super Bowl, making it Reason #1892384 that we love them. [The Frisky]

Excited for Sunday, but not ’cause of the game? Say no more, and see some suggestions for having the best Glee party ever. [College Candy]

Jennifer Aniston wore vibrating nipples on Ellen. Yep. [Hollywood Life]


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  • Ugh. I hate Cosmopolitan. It's the stupidest magazine EVER. They even use teen idols to little girls on their covers, like last time I saw Mila Kunis (Jackie from 'That 70s' Show') on the cover and like a subtitle saying something like, "Pleasure Your Man – Tips from Mila Kunis!" and I was disgusted. I even showed my mom and she was like, "Never would I ever encourage you to buy THAT magazine." I'm pretty sure Lea was getting a good deal of money for doing Cosmopolitan, but that magazine is just WAY too racy.

  • Zoe

    That's rediculous, kids who get confused between actresses' on and off stage personas shouldn't be reading magazines with "Sex Quizzes" and "Get Naked" plastered on the covers anyway.