GLAAD’s not happy with SNL. are you offended, too?

GLAAD, the organization that stands up for gay and transgendered rights around the globe, is not laughing at SNL‘s jokes. This Saturday’s episode with host Jesse Eisenberg featured a spoof commercial for “Estro-Maxx,” a one-a-day estrogen pill for male-to-female transgender people.

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Was the spot spoofing on a pharmaceutical industry obsession with there’s-a-one-a-day-pill-for-that mentality, as if becoming transgendered could be as easy as popping a pill (like curing high cholesterol, or whatever those long commercials are for)? Or was the punchline what GLAAD thinks it is — seeing men in dresses with facial hair and boobs? Do you think that SNL’s cast and producers are trans-phobic by letting a spot like this air?

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The clip is below, so check it out and tell us you what you think!


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  • readerhi1234

    Is this offending to me? No. But I can see why GLAAD would not be very happy. I don't think they meant to offend people, rather to make them laugh, but it is at someone's expense and definatly is the transgendered steryotype we see so much.

  • Luvli

    people take s*$t too far. this is one of those circumstances. I think the fact that they are making fun of how stupid people are who buy the pills in the first place. get a sex change geez!

    • You Sir/Madam are the enemy of confusoin everywhere!