first period: my first flow was ‘extra! extra!’ newsworthy

there's a first time for everything. period.

Getting your period is such a big deal for some people! And for this private gURL’s mom, it had to be known by the world:

I’m not exactly the most outgoing or open of people. I’m more of a recluse and keep things to myself. So it’s weird when you get your period, because it’s hard to deal with it on your own and like, everyone has to know. I was 12 and hadn’t even started babysitting yet, so all I got was money for my chore allowance. And when I got my period, I had already spent my entire allowance on a really cool set of earrings at Hot Topic and had no money whatsoever. Otherwise, I swear, I wouldn’t have told my mom or anyone. I would’ve just gone out to the store and bought pads myself and hidden them under the bed or whatever. And I so wish I hadn’t bought those earrings, because telling my mom meant that the whole word, LITERALLY, the whole entire world would know about the stupid blood dripping between my legs.

But I was stuck. No money meant no self-reliance. So I wrapped my underwear in toilet paper and told my mom, who was in the kitchen at the time. She looked up from what she was doing and got way too excited. I told her to shut up because I didn’t want my dad to hear. I didn’t want anyone else to know! She hooked me up with a pad and told me tell her when or if I ever felt ready to try tampons, which was really nice, and then she let me go back to doing my thing. She went back to normal as if nothing had ever happened.

The next Sunday though, my mom put the announcements section of our local newspaper in front of me as I was eating my cereal. I didn’t get it. She usually plopped down the comics, but not announcements. But then, as I looked closely, I saw a small box that read “Congratulations on your womanhood, Emily! We’re so proud of you! Love, M&D”.

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  • FashionFreakKnob

    I feel your pain, but it wasn't so blown up that its was in the paper. I got mine at school, and came home to tell my mom. Next thing I know, shes crying and hugging me. I was like, "Yeah.. okay… ahah, mom let go!" She did, finally, and looked like she was ten, and suddenly asks me if she can tell my dad. Well, he didn't telk to me for the rest of the night. And next thing I know, were shopping for a gift for me, and were going out for dinner. I couldn't decide if I was happy I was getting stuff, or embarassed because of WHY I was getting all this. I'm just lucky my mom has at least some limits, or it might of been as bad as yours.

  • Luvli

    this made me lol!!! idc if neone knows i have mine cuz most women get it sooo idc but this is just kinda funny!