cybersex: uh, just what exactly is a “female” skill? do drunk dudes turn you off?

A study says gURLs under 30 are losing their “female” skills, like cooking and cleaning. Do you find this offensive, or accurate? [The Frisky]

Apparently, the drunker a guy gets, the sexier he feels…and the less attractive a gURL finds him. Is drunkenness a turn-off? What if you’re also under the influence? [College Candy]

Glee hottie Darren Criss says he’s comfortable playing a gay character, and that sexuality didn’t even cross his mind when accepting the role. Swoon. [Wetpaint]

The more time you spend on Facebook, the more likely you are to become bulimic, anorexic, or have body dissatisfaction. [Jezebel]

We’re kind of loving these break-up cards–not for actual use, just for the bizarre art. And it beats ending things via-text! [Jezebel]

Does your favorite Super Mario Bros. character reveal your sexual identity? Probably not, but it makes for a funny read. [After Ellen]


more ways to get gURLy:

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