gURL exclusive! Modern Family’s Ariel Winter thinks popularity is uncool

popularity? no thanx, says A

Ariel Winter loves being a smart gURL, and will never sell out to be popular.

We talked with the Modern Family star on her 13th birthday, and she told us that she thinks popularity is a myth. “I’m not into the whole popular thing. It’s not even cool. It’s just an outlet for mean girls to talk down to others and be mean to people.”

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“Personally,” she reveals, “I love being a nerd! If I was in public school, mean girls would be all over me to put me down, and I’d be like, “You know what? It’s cool. I like being a nerd. At least I get an A on every one of my tests.”

Ariel knows how hard it is for unique gURLs like herself (and her character, Alex Dunphy) to fit in, and she has this advice for those in need:

“Don’t try and feel like you have to be popular. Keep your head up high, because you have your smarts and your wits, and one day they’re going to look up to you and try and be your friend. Always remember that you’re special, and no one can ever change that about you.”

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She feels the same way when it comes to her love life: “If a guy really likes me, they have to accept me for who I am. I’m not going to change for any boy, even if they are adorably cute–and I’ve seen some really adorable ones. But I don’t need to conform for anybody.”

How do you feel about Ariel’s mantra? Think it’s easier said than done? Spill!


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  • Shivesh chandrapregaas maharaj

    She is has a kickass personality. It is too bad she is about 8000 miles away from me.

  • Anna

    Good for her! In my opinion, you don't need popularity to be happy, you need friends. And in my experience, popularity doesn't mean anything. There are clicks, and there are social circles. As long as you like the people you spend time with, why should it matter what the people you don't spend time with think?

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