gURL crush: Florence Welch

Obviously, we have a thing for spicy gingers, so of course, every time we see and hear the flame-hue haired beauty that is Florence Welch, our heart skips a beat! A really rad, make-you-dance-move-groove-and-cry beat, of course.

Her unique West End London style gives her that je ne sais quois, visually (doesn’t she look so cool wearing a Ben Sherman men’s jacket in this pic?). She opts for vintage granny pieces that have nothing to do with sex appeal or weirdness for the sake of weirdness (no offense, M.I.A.), but rather clothes that just speak to her personality. And the effect? Enviable confidence and femininity.

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But this gURL has actually had bouts of depression — even at the height of Florence + The Machine’s success for their first album, Lungs, Flo was seeking help to get through bleakness and loneliness she was feeling.

“When you’re in that place, it’s good to have something to do because otherwise you’d get really self-destructive,” says Florence. “I was in a seriously bad way.”

As a result, she pours her energies into songs and music! And? Wow, it’s just so fun/emotional/intelligent/great! We can’t wait for her next album with the rest of the band.

Do you love Flo’s style? Can you relate to her depression? How do you cope? Share your Cosmic Love for Florence and your tips on dealing with the heavy stuff.


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