gURL exclusive! Anne Hathaway thinks she has no game!

Anne speaks, "a gURL without game."

Anne Hathaway admits that she doesn’t play well with others. Games that is.

gURL got the chance to meet Miss Hathaway today, revealing to us that when it comes to dating, “I am a gURL without game. I am not  interested in games. ”

Take that, exes! And future boys? The gURL who is lending her voice to Jewel, the gorgeous macaw in the new flick, Rio, has more to say:

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“I also think when it comes to dating, don’t mess with other birds. I think you must always respect other people’s birds too.”

But Anne isn’t one to tell anyone else how to snag a sweetie.

“If you are someone where playing hard to get comes naturally to you, go with God! Do that! But for me, I  wear my heart on my sleeve; I’m a fall-in-love-at-first-sight kind of gURL. I understand some gURLs doing it. Don’t you think it’s all about having fun with someone? Communicating with someone in a way that you enjoy? So if you’re with someone who enjoys that, then, I don’t know…”

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Do you think Anne should get some game? Wait a sec, do you believe her that she doesn’t think she has game? It’s Anne Hathaway! Most importantly, do you think playing games to snag a sweetie is a good thing?



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