facebook drama: my bff is stealing all my crushes from under me!

Dear Heather,
I told my best friend about this hot guy on Facebook and within a few minutes, she added him. What offended me the most is that every time she wants to hookup with a guy, she tells me not to add him on Facebook. But when I wanted to make a move on
this guy she added him and that sucks because she’s a flirt and I’m not. I’m more into just getting to know him by being myself and seeing where things go. But now, I’d never know ’cause she probably already got his number. My question is, how do I make him notice me for once without being too much of a flirt?

Isn’t it interesting how friends can be so competitive with each other? I think your way of flirting with boys is great! Be yourself, and you’ll attract high-quality dudes who like you for you. I’m not judging your friend and her style, but I’m glad you’ve found a style that works for you. Stay with it! If you force yourself to be aggressive, or anything you’re not, you won’t get the guy who really likes you!

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Don’t change your techniques. Just don’t tell your friend about your finds! It might seem weird to keep it from her, but I agree that her competitive streak is no fun for anyone. Send her guys you’re not really interested in and keep the one you like on the DL. If she catches on and asks why, I think you should tell her the truth. Tell her that you feel like you can’t trust her to not be competitive with you and that it hurts your feelings when she does that.

Hopefully, she’ll see the error of her ways, apologize, and you can resume sharing. But be warned, behaviors like that aren’t likely to just stop.

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Now, let’s talk about hooking up – I really hope that you two are not meeting these boys in person? If so, I think that you both should stop using Facebook as Hookupbook; you truly are endangering your well-being, so keep things virtual, anonymous, and safe. K?

take care,

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  • CutaayyLovableess :)

    Ways to solve this issue:
    1.) Talk: talk to her about it maybe she’ll stop
    2.)Revenge: Do to her what she does to you and just try your best to flirt! 😛
    3.) Explain: tell her how it makes you feel maybe she doesn’t know what shes doing to your feelings
    Hope I helppedd!