Ask a Guy: Do Boys Get Offended About Their “Size”?

no, we don't want you to measure it either

Hey there. Henry here, answering the questions only a guy can. Today, we’re covering a HUGE topic. From Alyssa:

“Henry, my friend says that ‘size matters’ and I completely disagree. Is it really any different from a boy saying that a girl’s boobs aren’t big enough? I don’t understand this bias. Can you tell me if guys are as easily offended by this as girls would be about boob size?”

Sure, any guy is going to be offended if you actually tell him his manhood is smaller than you had expected. I know it must seem like guys are never insecure about their bodies or their looks, but trust me, we are just as insecure about it as gURLs are. Guys are just better at keeping it in which is why you’ll never hear us talk about it the same way you do.

|How well do you know a guy’s man parts? Take the quiz to find out!|

And yes, some guys are guilty of thinking a gURL’s boobs aren’t big enough. But other guys might think you have a beautiful face. Or great legs. Or a great butt. Chances are he’ll look past the boob thing if he sees something else he likes, because deep down, he knows there’s a part of his body you he might not like either (those damn calves!).

Now, in terms of size mattering during sex, I can’t speak to that as I’ve obviously never experienced it with a lady part before. But I will say this…just as with girls, it’s not the size of the boobs boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.

|But please, before we go down there, let’s make sure we have the pubes situation figured out.|

So, what questions can I answer for you next? Leave them in the comments below.



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  • Jaes

    Yes, women size does matter….weight, butt, stomach, hips, legs, ankles, foot, head, nose, lips, breasts, hair, and most importantly Vagina!

  • angel


    • Triste Muchacha

      it really doesnt matter if his stroke is just right then just be happy cuz he’s all about pleasing you

  • Mona

    Hello’s, I’m just started seeing my first boyfriend, I like him and he likes me and everything. My issue is that I’m not publicaly affectionate towards him beyond hugging and occasional quick peck. I found recently he’s been having “panic attacks” on my friends asking them if I’m losing intrest in him or I find him unnatractive. So my question is: do guys freak out if girls aren’t affectionate in public?

  • becca

    ok so my 2 besties and our guy friend all hang out and one of my friends keeps trying to make my boobs sound small by lyin bout the size of hers i think a 34b is fine but she insists shes a 36c and its damn annoying do boys believe that crap

  • Sarah

    I’m barely a B cup now. Most guys I meet don’t care about boobs.
    Most guys say my butt and legs make up for it.
    And my hourglass figure, I’m not skinny, I’m curvy, about an average weight.

    • Nicolet

      same thing for me…

    • Kendall

      I’m a C cup and have normal hips and butt. How do I get guys to get over my big boobs?

  • Brianna Kaylie

    Hey guyz i need your help im a 32A cup & mostly all my friends are a B cup & im 15 in high school & guyz always make fun of me cause i am small ):

    • Dannie

      Don’t have a problem with small boobs! Ignore what the guys say. I get made fun of because I have big boobs. I’m thirteen, in eighth grade, and I’ve already got c-cups!!! The guys play a game called “Who can get the most things down Dannie’s Shirt?” in class! Not as fun as it seems, ahahaha.

      • Kendall

        That was me. After a while the rude comments get better and they just ask to touch. Or dont ask for that matter…Just watch out.

      • lunachan

        You have it kind of easy since i was 12 1/2 I’ve a DD. the back pain constant looks its just not good and im only 14

      • BabyBlues

        Well I have a surprise for you. I am a senior in high school and I’m in a A cup. The boys try to throw things down my shirt in class (and lunch, break, in the car, it never really stops if the immature boys are around) because it is really an accomplishment if you can. They see ringing my shirt as an accomplishment. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. And to those small breasted Girls out there, small and perky is better than big and saggy.

  • Aubrey

    how do guys decide if your just a hook up, like a hit it and quit it type or the dating, keeper, bring to the parents type??

  • kg piano

    what if a guy tells me he wants in me. Does he really mean that or is it just his dick talking

  • Skyrider

    Different people are attracted/not attracted to different things.

  • Bear

    Hey Henry,
    I was just wondering what you consider as “losing your virginity”.For example, if two virgin males have sex than are they still considered virgins?

  • Yessenia

    I honestly don’t think size matters. If you’re gonna be with someone you REALLY like you’re not going to really even care how big his manhood is, as long as you’re with that person.

  • natalie

    SIZE DOES MATTER!!!! end of story

    • Brittany

      totally agree lol.

    • Chuck

      Vagina size DOES matter!

  • Emily


    I have this really good gut friend "Jake", and were really close. (sometimes people think we're dating.) i jus wanted to know if you and a guy are really close, what could it mean if he sends you a picture of "Mr.Winky"?

  • Diane

    OMG hehe jeffree star lyrics haha!XD I Love that song hehe!:D Oh but there are alot of guys that are scared they are small all my bfs/ex bfs would always ask me if they were bigger than the guy before them haha it was funny & interesting!:D XD

    • ayanna

      for reall i hav no idea why they do that always wanna compare

  • Audrey


    when he said its "not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean"

    check out the song by jeffree star!! <3 <3

  • r u sur