Reader Confession: I Was So Paranoid About Getting Pregnant That….

Have you ever convinced yourself you were pregnant? You’re not the only one:

“I’d been watching a lot of I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant on TV, and I started to get totally freaked out that I could end up like one of those gURLs who thinks she has food poisoning and ends up having a baby. Next thing I know, I’m looking up symptoms of pregnancy online, and I swear, all of the signs described me.

So even though a) I’m super careful and am on the pill, b) I had just gotten my period the week before (so I obviously wasn’t late or anything), and c) hadn’t even had sex yet that month, I was so paranoid that I took two pregnancy tests.

As you can guess, they both turned out negative. My bf eventually calmed me down, and we decided adding condoms to our sex life would help my insanity.”

|While it was just paranoia for her, for other gURLs, teen pregnancy can be a reality.|

Has paranoia of pregnancy caused you to do ridiculous things, too? Fess up your near-miss pregnancy story below! And don’t forget to e-mail your confessions to!

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  • Elenamoskcic

    I had protected sex, took emergency pill after, my period came, took pregnancy test which was negative, my second period came and still freaking out. But that comment was awesome. I feel better now. Thank you 🙂

  • Tulip

    OMG LOL i just died

  • SAM

    I was thirteen when I lost my virginity, and I felt like shit afterwards. Not only was the guy a faggot/douchebag and completely fucked me over (literally), but I spent a few weeks obsessing over the issue. I didn’t keep track of my period back then so I was truly convinced that I was pregnant because my period was “late”. Then a few weeks later, my period came and I was good. Hahaahahha

  • Nicole

    i’m going through this right now! i’m completely freaking myself and my boyfriend out that i could be pregnant and i don’t even know why really.. i need to relax. i’m going to ask my sister to buy a pregnancy test for me so i can just make sure and then i’ll try to get myself back to normal!

  • TheAmbitiousGirl


  • Bridgette

    hahahhahahah Sam your HILARIOUS!! made my day! <3 =)

  • L

    LMAO! that is brilliant!

  • Jay

    It started off being mad at my boyfriend and i ended up cheating on him by having sex with another boy i had just met in a day. I told him about it and after a long night of fussing at me and all the cursing, he forgave me and he said he still loves me. Later that same month i had sex with him.

    A few days after, i wasnt feeling too normal and my period didnt start on time so i got really nervous and ended up telling both boys that i might be pregnant. Both went insane but i tried to keep my sanity in control til i knew for sure. Im only 13 by the way. This went on for a week and eventually it started. I learned my lesson to use condoms and cheating is never the answer.

    Im trying to get my life together but it isnt as easy as the fairytales say it is. This is reality and the truth hurts. But i did cheat on him again but with the 'one night stand's' god brother but i didnt tell my boyfriend about that time. Im not a hoe. I am just depressed and trying to get my way through life like every other gURL out there.

    — { 9/03/10 } I still love my boyfriend that i cheated on twice and he still claims to love me too.

    • Kay

      you are 13 years old and having sex? What is seriously going through your mind? do you want to ruin your life? sex is not a casual thing you just do its a spiritual connection between you and your partner for life. Not cool at all.

      • Sarah

        Totally agree. u should be hanging out with friends and doing normal stuff instead of running around doing loads of guys.

    • Jaimee

      take it from me, you dont want to have sex at such an early age. i was a teen mom. dont get me wrong, i wouldnt trade my little girl for anything. shes my whole world. but i had to work full time while a finished high school, and now im working full time and im a full time student. its very hard.

    • -W

      Please die in a fire.

  • Sam Bennett

    OMG I get so worried I'm pregnant that I went to see a doctor 3 times! He kept telling me that

    A) I was a dude and incapable of being pregnant. But that's just a myth girls tell you to get you into bed right?

    B) He's not a doctor, just a checkout guy at Wal-Mart and if I didn't stop pulling my pants down every time I got to the front of the line, he was gonna call the cops.

    • Caity

      hahahahahhaa. that… was beautiful.

    • Helen

      Dude, that made my day(:

      thank you for that(:

    • Sarah

      epic x)

    • i like mangoz

      hahahah omg i almost dies laughing !! i love you!!

    • wolfgirl98

      omg, that cheered me up after an awful day. THANK U SAM WE ALL <3 U! lol