cyber sex: is it ever okay to out someone? want to write for skins?

she is a good gURL gone bad, after all...

An upcoming book about gays in Hollywood claims that Rihanna is a closeted lezzie. The author says she’s exposing the pop star, along with other celebs, because, “Young black gays don’t have any positive role models to look up to,” and she believes revealing their sexual identities will help. Is it a bad thing to out someone if you’re trying to help the world? gURL wants to hear from you! [Radar Online]

The original UK Skins is looking for young, hip gURLs people (we’re just partial to gURLs) age 16-22 to help write for their sixth season.  [The Frisky]

Lady Gaga is (allegedly) engaged, and her story is ra-ra-romantic! [Oh No They Didn’t!]

Got $70,000? Lucky you: Miley Cyrus‘ infamous salvia bong may be up for grabs. [Radar Online]

Lindsay Lohan swears she’s committed to staying sober and tells friends that she’ll never club again. Do you believe her? [TMZ]

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