my mom won’t let me watch Skins!

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My mom won’t let me learn about sex. I’m 14, and very curious. I just watched MTV’s new show Skins, and my mom caught me and started yelling at me for being “too young.” She even took my TV privileges away! What do I do to convince her I’m NOT a little kid anymore?

Your mom’s not the only one who has been upset about Skins. If you’ve been reading the news, you know that parents everywhere are freaking out over MTV’s new series. Sorry your mom is in that camp! For what it’s worth, you’re probably not the only gURL losing TV privileges for wanting to know what the hype’s all about.

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In order to get your mom to let you to watch Skins, you’ve got to get a plan going. Here’s what I suggest:

-Although it may sound mortifying, suggest that the two of you sit down and watch the show together. It’ll prove to her that you’re mature enough to handle the content, and that you’re not too young to learn about sex.

-Explain to your mom that just because you’re watching teen sex on Skins, it doesn’t mean you’ll go out and do what the characters do. Let her know that you realize it’s just a TV series, where everything is always glamorized, and that you’d never rely on the show as a form of sex-ed.

-Remember that 14 is a tough age for parents to deal with. At your age, some gURLs are grown-up and can handle the responsibility of watching sex on TV, others aren’t. Understand that it’s hard for your mom to decide when you’re old enough to know about things that could potentially affect your life.

And if your mom still thinks you aren’t ready for Skins, there’s still some good news: You’ve already found, which is full of info about sex! Yay!

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