gURL crush: Kristen Stewart wants to fund halfway houses for prostitutes, ducks and covers for teenage girls.

The “Bella” references will never end, but Kristen Stewart stands out not only as the bella starlet of the Twilight Saga series, but also as a really grounded cool chick who happens to have, for better or worse, stumbled across everything that has come her way: 20 movies, a hot boyfriend, unparalleled stardom, major cash money, and and a life void of being “just a chick.”

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we wouldn't mind 12 hours of making out with him

While K-Stew has always made us gURLs swoon, her recent interview with Vogue Magazine made us fall even deeper in the abyss of infatuation. The actress, who was paid $25 million for the two films of Breaking Dawn, wants to set up a network of halfway houses to help those in the sex trade who want to get out and back on their feet.

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From Vogue: “It’s funny when you are endowed not only with public recognition on a f***ing seriously vast level, but also money,” she says with endearing earnestness. “Like, funds. Anytime I hear that somebody’s really rich, the first question is ‘Do you do anything with it? Or do you, like, chill? You just sit on it?'” She is thinking carefully, strategically, about how best to put her own contribution to use, and has a plan—inspired by her research for the role of a runaway in the sex trade. “That would be amazing,” she says. “Right now it’s the thing I feel most connected to.”

But with all the money came a major loss for Kristen, who, respectably, isn’t a fame whore. If she sees a teenage girl, Stewart will literally duck and cover. “There’s no way to eloquently put this,” she says. “I just can’t go to the mall. It bothers me that I can’t be outside very often. And also to not ever be just ‘some girl’ again. Just being some chick at some place, that’s gone.”

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Could you deal with that trade-off? Can you relate to Kristen or do you think she’s secluding herself for the wrong reasons? Are you crushing on K-Stew, too? Tell us below.


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  • Sarah

    I think what she's doing is fabulous. I like her. I think she'd be an interesting person to actually get to know.