first period: tampon applicator drama!

there's a first time for everything. period.

Ever had a tampon malfunction? One gURL, Alin, wrote in about her first period and has sworn off applicators for life because of her very painful first try:

i got my first period on a friday in middle school. i actually remember the exact date! i was 13 and i was taking my morning pee when i saw blood and i realized it had finally arrived. i told my mom and i was really hoping that she would let me stay home from school, but she didn’t. i had to deal with my first pad all day and it sucked. when i got home, my mom gave me some tampon applicators and told me how to put them up there. she said i might as well learn now because i shouldn’t get dependent on pads. i didnt like them anyway so i was fine with it. i took one of the applicators and stuck it in there, but instead of pushing in the tampon, i pushed in the applicator and it was probably one of the most painful things ive ever experienced. it hurt, so BAD! i’ve used non-applicator tampons ever since. 🙂

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  • Lehlia

    well, i remember that i was in the caravan since my family were on a road trip holiday and i was just sitting there waiting for my sister and dad to buy the takeaway food. I felt a warm rush from under and and then i got up to go toilet and realised it was blood. my mom was in the caravan and i didnt want to leave the place with blood stain on me so we had no pads only my mom’s tampon, a little big, so she told me to go in the caravan toilet and insert them. so i did but it didnt feel right, half of it was still hanging out and it hurt. i triedd and tried since my mom told me. then i gave up so basically my mom did it for me. i sat on the table legs apart naked waist downwards in the caravan and she put them in with gloves. it was soo weird. and then she did it really slow and kept asking if i felt okay. then in the middle of it my sister and dad just came in with the takeaway and saw me. it was the worst day ever. i was stunned, with my legs apart half naked.