Cyber Sex: Is Cheating With The Same Sex Worse? Does The Morning After Pill Have a Place On TV?

whaddya do when your dude hooks up with a dude?

Kelly Osbourne‘s ex cheated on her. With a guy. And now she’s telling everyone who will listen. Does your guy cheating with a guy make it worse? Or is cheating just cheating, regardless of sex (at least in the gender sense of the word). gURL wants to hear from you! [Your Tango]

The morning after pill has never really had much of a presence on primetime TV…until now. One of Greek‘s leading ladies will be taking the controversial birth control in an upcoming ep. Scandalous or realistic? [TVline]

What do 1,000 dudes have to say about sex, dates, masturbation and being a butt-guy vs. a boob-guy? A lot. [Glamour]

Is monogamy no more? Six biological reasons why No Strings Attached-inspired friends-with-benefits relationships work. [Shine]

Is the increasing popularity of performers like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha part of a new movement called “Slutwave,” a not-so-PC term for women who promote their career through sex instead of talent? [The Frisky]

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  • dale

    wouldn’t you if you were him? lol.. she’s uber gross & a potty mouth

  • Franklin

    When I was a kids we had every channel under the sun on cable. One night we were flinpipg through the channels & came across two naked people. That’s when I learned or should I say saw what sex was, before I actually had the talk.

  • Eryk

    It’s shouldn’t matter who Luke chooses to love. That’s the problem with society today, they have too much time on their hands. Just worry about your own relationship(s) should be more than enough, because those in time need working on if it’s going too work out. It’s also better to be truthful than to live a lie. Live & let live. Life is too f**ked up with hatred, gossip, prejudice, and just being a bully too somebody just to make someone feel better about themselves or too show off in front of friends (Remember Columbine?…Remember 9/11?…that is due too all hatred. We cry, feel so bad about what happens then we go back too our old ways. Picture this…Everyone getting along, close your eyes if you need too. Wouldn’t the world be a more better place too live in? Keep the peace, spread the love, tell someone who is less fortunate how amazing they are. Because what we do…always comes back too us. Peace-out! Eryk