is it true masturbation gives you mentally retarded babies? and dirty organs?

masturbation's on her mind....

Hi Heather,

Today at Religion class, my teacher explained to all of us how masturbation is bad for us. She said that if we do it often, we will end up having mentally retarded babies. She said it was a punishment from God. She also stated that we don’t know what dirt comes into our sex organs after we masturbate. I’m really conscious and sensitive of this.

I’m 13 and I usually masturbate, and sometimes have cyber sex, but is it true that masturbating is a punishment from God? I’m a Christian by the way. I keep on questioning if its true, because I have been masturbating a lot last year, and I did get some bad luck. So is it because of the effects of masturbation? I can stop, but it will be REALLY sad, because I usually feel horny. I know you told us that the bible didn’t directly address the wrongs of masturbation in it, but my religion teacher said this and I’ve been really thinking about this and I’m really nervous. Please answer this? It’ll mean a lot.

There have been a lot of people asking me about this since I posted a
response last week about masturbating as a Christian

As I said, masturbation is strictly a personal opinion. Your teacher has one opinion, and you have another. I think she was just trying to scare you into believing hers.  And wow, how scary!

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If it were true that people who masturbate have mentally retarded children, there would be a very serious epidemic of unwell people on this planet. About 120,000 babies
in the United States are born each year with a birth defect. I have a hard time believing that those parents are the only 120,000 people of all the people who have babies a year that have masturbated, right?  So I did some research.  I couldn’t find any statistics about mother’s who masturbate and the health of their children, but I can tell you that the numbers just don’t add up when 60% of women ages 18-19 admit to masturbating in the past year.   247,500 girls aged 18-19 get pregnant a year.   That would mean that 148,500 mentally retarded babies would be born a year, and that’s just from teens aged 18-19!

And as for the dirty organs, I have no idea what she means by that. I really hope she is not suggesting cancer. There is NO correlation between masturbation and cancer. NONE.

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So while your teacher may think that God hurts people for masturbating, her convictions don’t stand for reason. And, there are plenty of other Christians who do not believe that masturbation is a sin and, in fact, believe that masturbation is just human nature.

You can believe what you want. Throughout life, you get to decide what you want and what you believe. You reserve the right to be different. God will not punish you for it. Any bad luck you got was because of circumstance, not because God doesn’t love you or want the best for you.

take care,

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  • Joseph Mwangi

    GOD is Holy and God created sex so Sex is Holy
    When you meddle with Holy Things God gets angry.

    Stop Meddling with Holy things, SEX
    so Masturbation is Meddling with A Holy gift(i.e sex) for a pair(husband and wife) not a single person
    Watch out Friends God is not happy with masturbators
    repent and Ask Jesus Christ to Give You power to resist the sin of Masturbation

  • anna

    i masturbate every second of the day. i am fine. my mom does it too. i am not mentally retarded. my mommy taught me how to!! i do it when i am in school too! i go in the stalls in the bathroom cuz my friends make me horny. my teacher mrj makes me really horny and i wanna screw him….

    • asdfghjkl

      your mom… taught you… how to masturbate… okay.

  • Hiya!

    My name is Natalie and I'm 24 and I am VERY familiar with what you're feeling and asking about. I'm assuming that you're Catholic, however, forgive me if I'm wrong. I'm Eastern Catholic, sometimes called Greek Orthodoxy. It has the exact same doctrine and beliefs and the typical (western) Catholicism.

    I know that the institution of the church is very hard on this issue, but also very inconclusive. I've been around nuns who've told me what you've just heard, which, by the way is completely untrue. I'm an anthropology major and we study human sexuality in much depth. Masturbating does not, and cannot, (through the physics of science, cannot, as in, not possible at all) do anything to you except make you feel good – or guilty, if you've been educated in negative way.

    My father (pastor) at my parish, whom I asked about this issue told me that it's not the action itself that's considered a sin, it's the imaging in your head. He said that in Catholicism, if you can masturbate without seeing pornographic material or imaging of a person that turns you on, that that is sinful thinking, however, the masturbation, the act itself, isn't. (However hermits, nuns and monks usually practice complete celibacy which includes no masturbation whatsoever – but that is a specific life choice – to live in a convent or a monastery). My father, who was a protestant evangelical Christian agrees on this matter. Both seem to think that the imagination of somebody is cheating on a future spouse, and such should be avoided. So in terms of religion, there yuh go. That's the best answer I've gotten and I've asked many different individuals in the hierarchy of the church and they all seem to agree on this issue.

    Biologically, masturbation can't hurt you in any possible way. In fact, I've always thought that perhaps it's a gift from God so that we can feel satisfied without having sex before marriage. There is also the issue of discernment. Most Christians believe that if you pray and ask God to tell you if something is right or wrong, that you will receive an answer in the form of a feeling or thought – something in your heart that says, "This just isn't right," or, "I don't feel wrong doing this, so I guess it's okay. I don't feel convicted." The term for this is discernment, and you can look that up in most books about the Bible and also in the dictionary.

    So I hope that helps – hearing from another female Christian/Catholic on the issue, because I know this issue has to tackled differently than answers from people of other religions or secular (no religion in particular), because they don't have the same beliefs about sexuality as most Catholics do. I hope this helps, and if you'd like to talk to another Catholic/Christian chick for more advice or friendship, email me anytime at

    Hope that helps!



  • Bert

    I have been a practicing Christian all my life. I am shocked by what your religion teacher told you. It just isn't true. The religious leaders and teachers in my church would never agree with what your teacher said. Masterbation is natural and ok. It does no harm at all: Not physically, not mentaly. It releases feel good chemicals from your brain that actually help your physical and mental health. God made masterbation pleasurable and would never be angry about you doing it.

    I hope you see this, and I hope it helps you feel better about masterbation.

  • thank you so much for answering, heather.

    it means A LOT. ill keep that in mind & start

    to do what i want from now on. thank you for

    helping me.

  • lalala

    I'm a christian and i think its fine to masturbate. hey its safer than having sex before marriage. 😉

    • hannah

      that is definately true. with masturbation you cant get pregnant on accident.

      • cookie monster

        yea ik i just found out when my bro told me that i could have mental kids im so fkn scared b/c i dont want 2 have mental kids and i dont want to have cancer on my dick and stuff and that my dick wont grow im just sooo damn scared i actually kinda think its true that youll have mental kids but how should ik im just a kid idk…. but im scared