would you rather: go lezzie for Emma Stone or Emma Watson?

Let's pretend they'll go lez for you...which one would you take the chance with, Emma Stone or Emma Watson?

When Jane Austen wrote Emma, she played with gender roles in society, musing “One half of the world cannot understand the pleasures of the other.” But as gURLs? We get gURLs. And we certainly understand how we take in pleasure.

If you had your chance to hook up with these modern day Emma’s, would you pick the American Miss Stone or British Miss Watson?

|What about boys? Which Justin would you rather hook up with?|

Discuss who you would choose if you had the chance to lez out with an Emma! Take the poll below, then discuss your answers!

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  1. avatarbakerychaz says:


  2. avatarshygurl365 says:

    if i were a lesbian i’d choose Emma Watson, emma stone isn’t a person i find as pretty

  3. avataremmadilemma98 says:

    I am [bisexual] ;)
    totally Emma Watson. she’s so soft and pretty <3

  4. avatarMissfiction says:

    idk i never really thought that way…. emma waston. i love emma stone but emma waston looks softer. just she has like a soft look to her idk

  5. avatarStevie says:

    Emma Stone. Absolutely. Emma Watson is pretty but I love Emma Stone :)

  6. avatarLisa says:

    I love Emma Stone, but definitely Emma Watson. I have the hugest crush on her and she was the background on my cell phone for months before it broke

  7. avatarSymphoniae says:

    Go lezzie?

    How ridiculous. You don’t “go lezzie”. You’re born that way.

  8. avatarDes says:

    Actually, both. Hahaha

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