Reader Hookup Confession: He Ate Me Out and It Was Embarrassing!


This week’s confession comes from passiOnatexgurl* who took her and her BF’s sexual engagements to another level…or well, at least they tried. Here’s how he it went down:

Okay, so my boyfriend FINALLY tried eating me out. It was his first time. We were messing around and all of a sudden I wasn’t wet anymore. He was really bothered by it, so I guess he thought Alright, let me try this again, and he tried again but it didn’t really get anywhere. He wasn’t anywhere close to my clit, even though I was trying to help him out. Then he said he didn’t want to do it again, even though I give him head EVERYTIME we do something. I’m kinda  just embarrassed now because he’ll remember the first time he tried to eat a girl out like that!

Thanks to passiOnatexgurl* for sharing this hilarious hookup with us! What would you have done if this happened to you? Tell us below!

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  • Amy

    A similar thing happened to me once. My boyfriend was over and we were kissing, and he decided to go down on me. I was on my last day of my period, and wasn’t wearing a pad due to the lack of flow I had. So I thought “What’s the harm?” And decided to let him. Little did I know there was still some left and he noticed RIGHT AFTER he finished eating me out. It was the most embarrassing experience, but to my surprise he was okay with it and understood that it wasn’t my fault. Thank god for good boyfriends (even though I would have flipped).

  • Cass

    My hunny did this to me about a week ago for our first time…. I was really embarrassed!

  • Haily

    I’ve never done it or kissed anyone. I”m 13. is that bad????? :/

    • Taylor

      I am 13 and havent been kissed yet either… 🙁

    • Lexi

      No sweetheart it isnt bad that u have never being kissed before believe it or not i had my first kiss at 16. it might just mean that maybe ur first kiss will be with someone special.

    • Stefanie

      Are you kidding me?? You’re 13.. I’m 22, and had my first kiss at 20.. Yes, that late, and it was a good first kiss. I have a bf and were first good friends. We’ve been together for 7 months, and we tried this, and it felt amazing, we known each other for alms 2 years now. Waiting has been great. We’re both still virgins and proud of it. We want to wait and make it special. Who know, we may wait till marriage… I’m not saying people should wait till marriage… But, wait for the right person, so you don’t have some awful experience, that will later regret… I’ve heard multiple stories from friends, who rushed and regret doing it…. JUST WAIT!!! you’re 13…

    • chelt

      No that’s very good keep it that why and whoever u date will respect and love u…. Believe me 🙂

  • Mack

    I have the same problem… a good friend and myself were just fooling around and he went down on me. and i was wet, trust me. but it just really wasn’t going anywhere :/ every time i felt like he might get me off, it just never happened. i think it’s an issue worth a good answer. please help!

  • Tori.gurl

    i would have kissed him (maybe not on the mouth it was just suckin ur V-J) abd say its ok ond do it to him he may not be able to please me like that (oh he’ll learn) but i can please him and if he loves you enough then he’ll want YOU to feel that good and try again and again……

  • Erin

    Wow, those are some funny moments. Lol. Yup, I have an embarrassing moment too. My ex and I still sleep together a few times a week, but last night something so embarrassing happened. I usually have him come over to my house on the last day of my period and that’s the way its always been. Well, last night I THOUGHT my period was done, but boy was I wrong! He likes going down on me so I let him without thinking twice. When we were finished “messing around” (oral, regular intercourse) I could tell that the bodily secretions that usually come with sex felt different so I immidiately went to the bathroom and my crotch and legs were covered in blood. The really embarrassing part was that my ex had no idea it was blood and I guess the blood started flowing during oral sex and neither of us knew it. Talk about a facial massacre. I was like “uhhhh, Mark, you MIGHT wanna use the other bathroom and check out your face.” Lol. Oh god! I was mortified. He said it wasn’t a big deal, but I didn’t believe him. Like, what guy would be okay with going down on a girl when she’s bleeding? Gross. It was an accident because I really thought my period was over, but its still embarrassing. I can’t even look him in the eye. Damn you Aunt Flow!!

  • Kellm

    not a big deal, the first time i got eaten out, i was really un experienced. I was thirteen (young, I know) and i didn’t know that you had to wash in between the space where toilet paper gathers (EWWWWWWW) and I didn’t shave, so … I had a bush … full out. So now that I’m experienced I know that it had to smell, tasted bad, and looked completely gross.

    This happened three years ago and I’m still embarrassed by it

    • dani

      why where you allowing TP to gather there? o.O

      i think maybe you’re wiping wrong.

    • Anonymous

      space where toilet paper gathers?? i have no such space o.O

      • Anonymous


    • wow

      haha..i have no such space either..all i can say is wtf.. and why are u allowing it to gather? this made me bust out laughing so hard. my dogs looked at me like i am insane. WOW…

    • Isabel

      Sometimes of these stories are so funny, oh my i’m glad I found this page almost peed my pants from laughing so hard. Now I feel I might barf

  • Jessica

    Honest to god truth: My boyfriend got a bloody nose while going down on me and I started freaking out and crying because I thought it was my period and I was sooo embarrassed until I noticed the source of the blood was from his nose. (He later informed me that he is a chronic nose bleeder and it happens all the time at random moments). I think THAT may top your story.

    • Chelby

      That made me laugh so hard, I cried a bit!

    • wow

      well, last night me and my bf were going at it. and omg he went down on me and was really going at it. we made love and it was great. we layed down and i almost fell asleep. he came out of the bathroom and said, “baby, ur bleeding”. i was like oh no! lol i saw pink yesterday when i wiped but i didnt think it was going to be like that. he said , “oh its ok”. and then even pulled his pj pants down to show he still had a lil dried blood on him. lol i am a little freaked out by this…

  • Roxy

    not as embarassing as what happened to me….me and my bf were 69ing and i queefed in his face and he almost pissed himself laughing “=_= i think he told his friends too :/

    • Daiana

      Hahahhaha freakin hilarious and embarrassing i hope everything went well after that

      • ShadowShampagne

        LMAO This is toooooo funny, im sorry

  • Jessica

    If you think that emparising my boy friend and i was kissing and he laid his hand into my panteis where he touched my pad that was full with blood….

    • taylor

      ewwww! that sucks!! hahahha.

  • Derelin

    The same thing happened to me where I felt extremely uncomfortable and I thought there was something wrong with me. But honestly, I think especially with young and inexperienced people that it takes time and practice to get it right. I do agree that you could make it fun to learn how to please each other and that would not only help him but also let you feel good too! Just know that sex is not only physical but also really emotional. You must be connected in so many more ways then just two naked bodies lying together, because then it becomes meaningless.

  • Jerrica

    I was the first girl my boyfriend did that to…. He wasnt that great at first. But we have sex lessons. Its when we explore each others body and we find out what the other one likes. Presonally, I think the only way to find how to do something is practice. Tell him that nobody is perfect at first in anything. He should give it another try but make sure you make him feeel completly comfortable when he does.

  • Gabrielle

    That sounds so trifling. Why would you do it with your bf if you know he can't do you right? Furthermore, how could you even stand to post that on the internet?

    • Hannah

      How could she stand to post that on the internet? … It’s These posts are welcomed.

      • Jade

        Agreed… :]

    • Dani

      y r u reading it?