Cyber Sex: Would You Hook Up with Your Ex? Can You Stay Friends with a Hookup? and Chastity Belts for Men(!)

are breakup kisses better?

Have you ever hooked up with your ex? Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were spotted making out this weekend, days after announcing their breakup. [gURL]

Speaking of friends with benefits, the new flick No Strings Attached explores whether two BFFs can hook up and still remain on friendly terms, or if sex is a deal-breaker when it comes to platonic friendships. What do you think? [Shine]

Turns out the romantic relationships you have in your teen years have a serious influence on lifelong depression. Now that’s a downer. [The Frisky]

Have you ever dumped someone who rebounded… instantly? You’re in good company, because Scarlett Johansson just had that happen to her. And she’s, like, the hottest gURL in the Universe. [Your Tango]

gURLs have had chastity belts for a gazillion years (wah!), and only now are they making chastity belts for guys, too. Even if they aren’t terribly functional, they look pretty awesome. And by “awesome” we mean awesomely awkward. (NSFS!) [Jezebel]


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  • Grace

    I have tried being FWB with my ex boyfriend, we were together for a year and have been seperated for about a year and a half but have been on and off since then. My parents hate him and refuse to let us be together. He was really bad for me and when I was with him I sunk into a deep depression. However I constantly allow myself to be sucked in by him and I am always the one that ends up hurt. After ending it again 4 months ago, we met up two days ago and ended up having sex. Previous to this I was just beginning to feel really happy and content with myself now I feel lost and miss him when we are apart again. I dont want to have to end it again but I cant allow myself to fall anymore in love with him because I know that it cant end well. I know I deserve better than this but I cant seem to get away from him. Im so confused.

  • Jasmine

    I am FWB with my ex. Its not that weird at all. But maybe thats because we are like really close to each other