Discuss: Are Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Having Make Up or Break Up Sex?

their connection is undeniable.

Spotted! Zac Efron canoodling with his ex-gf Vanessa Hudgens!

eonline.com reports from a source at Eden Nightclub in Hollywood that the two “were directly next to our table and were all over each other, dirty dancing and making out.” And another source told HollywoodLife.com that the two are definitely friends with benefits. “They are still in love, are great friends and trust one another, so it’s totally not surprising they still can’t get enough of each other.”

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Zac was also spotted going to Vanessa’s house last week, which makes us wonder just how far these benefits stretch? Do you think that the two should part their separate ways? Or do you think it’s more complicated than that?

Have you ever had  break up or make up hookups? Tell us what happened and what advice you’d give Vanessa!


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  • joy

    i love zac and i hate vanessa

  • abrianna

    are you sill having sex together

  • Melynda Melendez

    I want Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens to get back together because they are a cute couple and I would like to see their wedding on tv lol please Zac Efron get back together with Vanessa Hudgens I know you love her the way you look at her in the eyes lol you guys give me gossebumps JK so please get back together…=-)

  • Eu sou surda.

    Eu sou fã da vanessa hudgens e zac efron.

    Saudade é solidão acompanhada.

  • Aly

    You know, maybe they lied about the whole break-up because they wanted some privacy? I mean, I know of some break-ups that were because of too much public action…but those were celbs. I think that they'll be back together in no time at all. But the Friends With Benefits is kinda…..bad.

  • Sarah

    Friends w/ benefits ALWAYS backfires. I had a BF that i broke up with, then, suddenly, we made up. He didn't want to be dating again because it would lead to another painful break up, but we liked to kiss and have that 'romantic' relationship without the calling and hanging and clinging to each other, so we tried this secret friends w/ benefits thing. We just kissed and hugged and cuddled in places where people wouldn't see us and assume. We started developing feelings again and we got back together, which, again, lead to a very painful break up. So if your going to date, don't do the friends w/ benefits thing! It makes you more clingy and more in love with the person. Zac + Vanessa are adorable, so really, they should kiss & make-up already, cuz I'm already set for their big wedding day in a few years, lol.

  • Well if i were her i would be back dating zac efron instead of being friends with benefits , friends with benefits it is just tacky to me because they're friends and doing other what nots so just go back with zaccy , miss hudgens :).