cyber sex: five majors to date, the best sex playlist and why you shouldn’t play hard to get

and here we were thinking chick flicks were realistic

Who cares what your major is, right? Wrong! Find out why hooking up with an engineering student is hot! [College Candy]

No surprise here, chick-flicks have been lying to us forever. Turns out guys won’t suddenly kiss you after you’ve been crying. In fact, studies show women’s tears reduce men’s arousal. [Jezebel]

Nobody wants a crash-and-burn relationship à la Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal, but we can learn from their mistakes. Find out how to avoid a short-lived romance with these six easy steps. [Glamour]

Start downloading because studies show that having the right music can make hooking up even better. These are the 15 songs that will excite you and get your sweetie going too. [Cosmo]

So, what’s on your hookup playlist? Paste your tracks below.


more ways to get gURLy:

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