Your Body: Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood Has a Price for a Sex Tape. What’s Yours?

are you ready for this?

Amber Portwood has already exposed most of her life on Teen Mom, but there’s an offer out there for her to expose a whole lot….more. Turns out that a porn megalith has offered her some cash (OK, a LOT of it: $500,000) to show us just how that baby of hers was made (e.g. with sex). Do you think she’ll accept?

|Have you heard how much cash Amber is making as a teen mom on Teen Mom? You won’t believe it!|

Exposing your body is a personal choice, so this one is up to Amber. How much would someone have to pay you for a sex tape? Or is that prostitution? Do you think that a mom shouldn’t be engaging in pornography?

What do you think she should do? Respond below.


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  • Elizabeth

    Exactly who is the tape with, Gary, or one of her many nooners?

  • Gregg

    DO IT!!! I’d love to see that ass get tore up!

    • bellah

      Gregg you r disgussting