Have You Ever Caught a Cheater On Facebook?

sometimes facebook makes relationships even more "complicated."

According to a recent report, one in five divorces involve Facebook. When you figure that a whole lotta adults aren’t even on Facebook, that’s a pretty shocking statistic.

It’s fairly obvious that Facebook breeds jealously — who hasn’t clicked through old pics of boyfriends with their old girlfriends? — but it also inspires cheating and, in the long run, breakups.

|Do you let your boyfriend go through your phone? Do you look through his?|

Have you ever caught someone cheating on the web? From your best guy friend’s scandalous tagged pictures to your boyfriend’s inappropriate, uh, poking, ‘fess up below!

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  • strawberrykitty

    The love of my life, who had asked me to marry him, had temporarily moved to Louisiana (we’re from California) and had another relationship off the radar with one of MY FRIENDS! I could see their wall posts and I was insulted but I kind of just looked the other way, and I tried to be sweet and I wanted his attention but I was noticing he sure was paying attention to this girl. I was so trusting, though, and I honestly believed he loved me but when I saw these things and all these girls all over his wall I felt sick. I learned to not even look at his wall anymore because it would just make me insecure. I learned to ignore the stupid little flirty girls and take his sweet nothings as gospel truth. I pretended to know nothing about those attention-starved whores getting at him, but even I, his GIRLFRIEND, was jealous. Obviously something wasn’t right when he says “[Her-name-here] get online!” as his Facebook status.. He ended up breaking up with me via phone call and I felt like my soul had just died. Oh, and when his relationship status said “[his-name-here] is Single” with that big red Facebook heart, every one of those girls “Liked” it. I knew he was cheating, but I looked the other way and kept quiet. We are no longer speaking.

  • Betrayed

    I recently caught my live-in boyfriend of three years cheating online with someone he had on his list of Facebook friends. He’s apologetic and remorseful but I can tell that he doesn’t fully consider it cheating because he stopped the sex talk at a certain point because he “knew it was getting inappropriate”. He told this woman, when she asked if he was “married yet?”, because obviously the little skank could see from his Facebook page that he was “in a relationship”, “hell, NO. did that once, won’t be doing THAT again.” We’d been talking about getting married in six months. Needless to say, we won’t be doing THAT. We are in marital therapy at his request but honestly, I can’t see down the road far enough to know whether or not it will work. I am heartbroken but mostly disgusted with him and am struggling with the therapist’s suggestions to me about what I can do to help and him being asked what he would like from ME to help. I wasn’t cheating. Why should I have to change? And I hate Facebook now.

  • trisha

    wow i wont doubt this either. on n e website actually mah husband has done shyt like this on myyearbook and on tagged. ppl r so messed up..