video: 10 things the skins cast wouldn’t want their parents finding out

wouldn't want to be at the bottom of that pile...or would you?

We’ve all done a few things we’re not so proud of.

We’ve dated the bad boy, partied too hard, thought about doing “it” without a condom — and just like the cast of MTV’s Skins — we’ve done it all right under our parents’ noses.

|What we wish we knew before losing our virginity.|

So in honor of being sneaky teens, the Skins cast (all teens themselves) are sharing 10 things they’d never want their parents to find out!

What’s something you’d never want your parents to find out? Sound off below — and don’t forget to delete your browser’s history after!


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  • nina

    1. I’ve almost done it, several times
    2. I’ve almost done it with my friend, whose a girl.
    3. I’ve been almost doing it since I was 9
    4. I usually don’t eat at all Saturdays
    5. I masturbate
    6. I watch lesbian porn
    7. I’ve had my first kiss( my mom thinks I haven’t done anything and that no one’s even given me a kiss on the cheek but her.)
    8. I read erotic stories
    9. I curse
    10. I flirt
    My mom thinks I’m a goody goody.

  • glittergurl

    1) I hooked up with a guy behind a dumpster (so horrible, so slutty…I know. I was so drunk, and I really regret it.)
    2) Not only have i drank, I’ve smoked pot and nutmeg
    3) I have been booting multiple times
    4) Sometimes I cut.
    5) I miss mow close we all used to be

  • Anon

    1) I've kissed almost as many girls as I have guys

    2) Ive had several boyfriends behind their backs, the oldest being a drug addict four years older than me

    3) I watch porn and masturbate often

    4) I already have plans to lose my virginity to a close friend

    5) I smoke most weekdays at lunch, I have smoked pot, and I want to try other drugs

    6) I used to cut myself

    7) I've sold drugs

    8) I have a very dirty mind and fantasize about people often

    9) I got felt up by an acquaintance 6 years older than me

    10) I didn't really have a virus during christmas a year ago. I was just hungover for two days

  • Darla

    Probably the amount of porn I actually watch, or that I have ever saw or imagined sexual acts. Also the fact that I did a d.i.y on my ear and pierced it for a second time. Now that I think about it there are a lot of things I wouldn't want my parents to know.

    On a side note seeing the differences/similarities between the real skins cast (UK) and this one was really interesting. Not a fan of how they are showing "Effy" and "Maxxie" in this one. Can't wait to see what they do on the 17th.

  • Kaylan

    I used to masterbate frequently( I totally stopped)

    I "squirt" on my bed after I climaxed and it looked like urine but I would tell my mom I wet the bed by mistake or something.

    I used that jumbo pencil to masterbate that one time (it sucked so bad) also used an ice cube and my electric tooth brush (both horribleeeee).

    this boy kissed my neck and I liked it a lot

    I miss watching porn

    • xxKidxx

      I wouldn't want my parents to find out that while I was in New York last summer I almost lost my virginity and I let a boy finger me at my cousin's party ! ! !