first period: her school uniform saved the day

there's a first time for everything. period.

So long Winter Break! It’s back to school and time for first period! This gURL was in denial that she got hers, but luckily her school’s uniform (black bottoms) helped hide the leaks.

The first time I got mine I was in seventh grade. It was during school. It was lunch time and I went to the bathroom. It was really dark in my underwear. I’m not gonna lie, I thought it was…poop. I was grossed out and tried to get it off as much as possible and didn’t really think anything of it.

Then my mom saw my underwear in the hamper and said, “What the heck is this?” I think she had an idea of what it was, she just wanted to make sure. I honestly had no idea what it was. I was probably in denial that it was my period and I just went with poop. I should’ve known better though, because I had cramps that day, and I thought that my stomach was just upset. I didn’t know what menstruation cramps felt like though.

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I just want to get on my hands and knees and thank God for a second that we wear uniforms with black bottoms. Last year, I had a lot of leaks in my underwear, and if we didn’t wear black pants, it would have been noticeable on any pair of jeans.

Her uniform saved her, but this gURL doesn’t take risks anymore: Now I wear the right kind of pads.

Do you have a first period story? Were you not-so-lucky and yours leaked through? (White jeans are the worst!) Whatever your story, share it with us! E-mail! Or, you can shout it out in the comments below.


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  • Me

    My first period wasn’t too bad. Only a few spots and that was it. My worst was one where it was REALLY heavy and my mum only bought me small pads that kept hardly any blood in. I was at school on a Wednesday on my heaviest day and I was getting picked up by my dance teacher for my two hour dance lesson but I had to wait through an hour long little kid lesson first so I never got home until about 7:30pm. Anyway, I only had ONE pad for the entire day because I forgot to brig extras and was too scared to ask. By lunch, my pad was completely soaked and I had some blood on my school shorts but I had spilled black current juice so it blended in. At the end of the day, I got in the car with my dance teacher (who was really young so it was ok) and basically hovered for the entire trip so that I didn’t get blood on the seat. So when we got to the studio, I was going to ask for a pad and kept chickening out. The look on my face must have said a lot because my teacher kept asking if I was ok. So the hour before my class went by and I went to the toilet about ten minutes before to find my pad, undies and pants DESTROYED! So I finally toughened up and asked for help. To this day, I have always had extra pads and even when I don’t, I ask for help as soon as I need it. I learned a hard lesson.

  • Bunny Panda

    OMG bridget that must have been embarrassing i never got my period but i hope it wont be like urs XP

  • Lily

    It was the second time I got my period in the summer after 7th grade, and I was at my friend’s lake house. Having only had my period once, I had to learn how to use a tampon really quickly, cause we were in the lake the entire week. Anyway, I was taking my tampon out in the bathroom, and it clogged the toilet and overflowed! There was blood everywhere! I scooped out the tampon and toilet paper and hid it in my towel, and had to ask my friend if she could help me, and the first person she went to was her dad!! So me, my friend, and her dad stood in that tiny bathroom plunging out a bloody toilet. WORST DAY EVER.

  • Kels

    Hah when I got mine I was with my friend and we were going into seventh grade and I was like 12 and we were outside playing and then I went inside to go to the bathroom and thought I crapped my pants too so I told my friend what happened cause I needed to borrow underwear. She laughed and said ew but we went forgot about it. Then the next day I had a Carl's Jr burger for the first time and thought it really upset my stomach but now I realize it was cramps. Well anyways the next week our other friend got her period, then two weeks later my friend got her period, then a week later I got a real period. They kind of made me feel stupid for getting it last, like they had something over me, but really I got mine first. They don't know, but whatever. I kissed a boy first so, ha! But yeah, just thought I'd share. I'm 16 now and still best friends with one of them even 4,000 miles apart 🙂

  • that must have SUCKED

  • bridget

    This is really embarrassing but the first time i got my period was when i was at school during recess in the spring, so anyways i was outside just relaxing with my friends and i saw this dark blood dripping down my leg so my friend saw and was like bridget look ! i was like what i just cut my leg on the thorny plant thing she whisperd to me shes like thats ur period it leaked threw ur underwear. I didnt expect it so i was shocked and coverd up everyone saw and laughed so i ran into the school into the bathroom i thought to myself Wrong day to wear short shorts so there i was sitting in the washroom with a dark line mark on my leg. I texted my mom saying i got my period bring me pants, but she didnt answer her phone all day so never brought me pants so anyways i went back to class after like 20 minutes. Everyone was staring at me and i was like i got dirt on my leg and it wont come off so they all just looked away and didnt say anything. That night i bought pads and it never happend again but it was really embarrassing ! 🙂