discuss: is selena gomez still abstaining from sex until marriage?

do you beliebe selena took off her promise ring for justin?

Just how serious are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber? We’re not sure, but interestingly enough, Selena suddenly stopped wearing her purity ring. Is it a sign?

Previous to hooking up with the Biebs (and subsequently receiving death threats for it), Selena promised to be pure until marriage and has worn a purity ring since 2008 to display that commitment. But now that Justin’s in the picture, is she giving up on her vow? Do you think it was an honest mistake or is there a reason why her ring has been removed?

|Selena better watch out because this Bieber admirer is willing to do anything to prove her love to him.|

Have you ever given in to temptation? Did you regret it? Do you think Selena and Justin are moving too fast or is it all being blown out of proportion? Tell us your thoughts below!


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  • xuxupurple

    i personally think Justin bieber sucks he is not cute he cant even sing every time i hear his song i just wanna cut my freaking ears off but seriously they are going way too fast and to commit to a person that cant sing that is famous but thats not even the point he ugly but im sure he may be nice but what is she thinking the guy is ugly,he cannot sing for shit,and she can sing and she's a pretty girl(no homo)just saying they cannot be compatible!im sure it donut matter .(and yes i said donut!!)

  • Erica

    I don't get why people are making such a huge deal of this. It's none of our business what Selena why she took off her ring (or maybe it fell off), and if she took it off because she's having sex, no big deal either. It's her choice and her life. If she were in a regular high school like mine, no one would care…

  • tabzy

    it's NOT so bad…what are you people making this kind of things?Maybe she forgot to put it or maybe it's just a symbol….the important thing is her character not her ring…I'm 100% sure that she's a good person and she won't dissapoint us..and Justin is a cutie…they look very good together and I don't think they will do anything stupid…I know Sel will keep her promise(not to have sex until the marriage) and Justin…I trust them,with all my heart

    • tabzy

      and Justin too*

  • mabe she lost it? ?? or at least my bro hopes so: ) (*-*) (°•°)

  • aelx123

    i didn't even finish this article but who cares. she IS getting married. besides its not like she was caught doing any thing. so why are these people blowing this totally out of proportion!! not only that but i don't even think they r dating. i am pretty sure they are just friends b/c she is getting married!!!!

    • Aly

      Wait she IS?! i DID NOT no that! lol. do u no who proposed?

  • Carrie

    Who cares?! There are girls her age acting way worse, I think she handles herself very well for her age. If she's having sex, let her be, let her make her own decisions–even if they might be the wrong ones. What's right for one person isn't right for all!

    • I totally agree. I mean she carries herself awesomely and is really good at it. Yes, she took off her ring, but there can be a reason for it and not for sexual reasons. Get the ring resized or something. Why do people take these things to the next level just to get people talking and make that celebrity look bad? Its stupid and pathetic. Let her live her life! Whatever choices she makes, she will have people to support her.

  • Lollla

    OK so not wearing a ring doesnt make you not pure i dont were one but i won't have sex until im married but i am thjinking of getting one…………

  • Sarah

    She was a Disney icon, and wearing a purity ring kind of was the Disney show-on to show kids to wait and stuff, like the Jonas Brothers. Now she's moved onto better things, like dating Justin Bieber! Plus Wizards of Waverly Place is coming to it's final season, so she probably won't be in anymore Disney things, since I've seen she's signed on to more big screen movies. Like someone said, if your going to have sex, make sure it's with the one you love!

  • Jabrina

    It doesn't matter if someone wares a ring. If your gonna have sex then your gonna have sex, a simple piece of jewelry CAN'T stop you (if you really wanted to do it) . For all we know Selena could of been had sex along time ago, she just wares the ring as a cover up.

  • Jabrina

    I feel like Selena is defiantly old enough to make her own decisions but i also think that she or anybody for that matter should have sex until they are absolutely in love wit that person and they know that, that person feels the same way.

  • Bex

    Perhaps she lost the ring?

    • smileyface

      She may have lost the ring, or maybe just took it off. I have a purity ring, and I don't wear it all the time, even though I'm waiting…(: I don't think people should make a big deal over it. I mean, right? The ring doesn't say if you are abstaining or not—You do.

  • spirit

    u dont need a ring to tell u was to do

    it's not a big deal until someone makes it a huge deal

  • justina markett

    justin bieber has a girlfriend.. they have been pretty serious for a while now. her name is jasmine and that is all im saying. selena and justin are just friends.. as far as the purity ring go's it could just mean nothing. or it could mean that she has decided to go fward with being a grown up. she is clearly of age to engauge in sexual activity responably. not saying that it is right but it is a part or life and growning up. whatever there desions are we should still respcet and realize their private lives are none of our busniess =)

    • smileyface

      I knoww! Him and Selena are just friends, she told Ellen….And Justin said, after being caught kissing Jasmine, that they are just friends too. "16 year olds are supposed to kiss girls, right?" He said to a reporter. I think him and Jasmine would be cute, though. Maybe even him a Selena some day?(:

      • Dina

        Okay, but their is pictures of selena & justin kissing. wouldn't that mean their dating?

  • zebranelle

    i think that we should just let them live their lives i think gomez is maybe a leetle to old for beiber but she probably isnt the first to give up her ring for a guy and being rich and famous is probably an added bonus

  • I agree. It doesn't mean that if you have a purity ring, you really are pure! Some people are just wearing those for show off! Besides, I can't and I don't wanna believe they had sex! That's gotta be so stupid! I mean, Justin Bieber's only 16! :O But we're not really so sure. If they did do it, then I suggest we just leave it all to them. Besides, it's not our life, but theirs. We're just there to support them! :DD

  • It could seem all like a big coincidence , but maybe it's not ,maybe she 's forgotten to wear it on a numerous of occasions it's no big deal or perhaps maybe she's changed her mind and wants to go for it having sex and losing her virginitty now with mr bieber here but then again i don't know why any girl would want to lose their virginty at such a young age when there is always time when you're older you just need to learn to control your sexual feelings .

  • Just because a person wears a purity ring, it doesn't mean they're serious about the meaning. That person can still be having sex behind closed doors. Sometimes you just pretend for the sake of everyone.

  • Blair

    I have friends who wear a purity ring, and they keep their vow but don't wear it all the time. It's definitely possible that she took it off for a reason, but I wouldn't read too much into it.

  • Sade

    I think she may have just forgotten to wear it a couple times. If that's not the case, then maybe the two should just slow down. They both are young and have time to do that when they are a little older. She should keep this promise no matter what. It will prove her parents that she is responsible and make all of the little kids watching her proud.

  • luvli

    I think their just friends. I don't think they have tne timw or a place to have sex with each other cuz they're still with their parents. besides, If they are dating they probably aren't having sex yet. That's too quick and I don't believe either of them wants to be on the internet nude. They are child icons.

    • Enchant

      How naive you must be. Just because they are dating doesn't mean they aren't having sex. Some people move faster than others–this could be the case with Justin and Selena. Who says that they will definitely have a sex video or nude pictures?