discuss: is selena gomez still abstaining from sex until marriage?

do you beliebe selena took off her promise ring for justin?

Just how serious are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber? We’re not sure, but interestingly enough, Selena suddenly stopped wearing her purity ring. Is it a sign?

Previous to hooking up with the Biebs (and subsequently receiving death threats for it), Selena promised to be pure until marriage and has worn a purity ring since 2008 to display that commitment. But now that Justin’s in the picture, is she giving up on her vow? Do you think it was an honest mistake or is there a reason why her ring has been removed?

|Selena better watch out because this Bieber admirer is willing to do anything to prove her love to him.|

Have you ever given in to temptation? Did you regret it? Do you think Selena and Justin are moving too fast or is it all being blown out of proportion? Tell us your thoughts below!


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  • Sarah

    I think they make a cute couple and its possible Selena gave the ring 2 Justin or it was just an accident that she stopped wearing it but it is still illegal for them 2 b doing anything cause Justin is still only 17 and Selena is 18. Also I think Justin and Selena are smart enough 2 not do anything they’ll regret

    • You’ve got to be kidding me—it’s so trsanparetnly clear now!

  • Jaid

    of course they’re having sex! What busy couple goes to hawaii by themselves and doesn’t have sex!?!?!

  • Danae Pavlo

    Guys slow down seriously…….don’t have sex just yet,wait till ur married pluss,you maybe won’t end up with eachother later trust me,it happends,I’m 19 too and have a serious beou but really…sex,out of the question,I have known my boyfriend since primary school,and we have dated for nearly 3 and a half years.if he didn’t sleep with me in this time and loves me the same gos to them.btw u guys are young and selena discribes there dating as ‘fun as in,”I’m just having fun,enjoying myself”.’Honestly???they don’t look good as a couple!

  • selena is a good teenage girl. she probably gave the ring to justin to show how much commited to not have sex. justin wouldnt do it either. JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!

  • Gabby

    I think that they are moving a little fast, especially for THAT. But I have to admit, part of it is because I’m jealous. I just wish they would both wait until marriage because what if they decide they don’t want to be together? Then it will all mean nothing in the end :(. Trust me I love them both, I’m a huge fan of both of them but, I’m a little jealous, who wouldn’t be?

  • Megan

    If a ‘”nobody” does “it”, it’s no big deal. But if you’re famous, Heaven FORBID anyone finds out. Famous or not, it’s nobody’s gosh darn business what anybody does or doesn’t do! I’m 18 and get tempted very easily. I wear my promise ring as a reminder of my promise but sometimes I want to take it off and throw it in the ocean. We’re human and we make mistakes. EVERYONE does. Even famous people. But unfortunately for them, their mistakes get blown up in every tabloid around the world. So back off, people! Her private life is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! You make mistakes like everyone else. Who are you to judge anyone else? People need stay out of other people’s personal decisions and not jump to conclusions. It would be no different if I stopped wearing my ring, except people wouldn’t care because I’m not famous. Mind your own effin’ business! I LOVE YOU SELENA!!!!!! <3

    • marisol

      i agree wit you 1000000%

  • CJ

    woaahh ^ everyone chill out! Selena Gomez is almost 19! I'd say you are all jealous.

  • Diane

    i think its selenas fault theyre taking it to fast selena! slow down

  • Grace

    she took it off because they already kinda did it look at the pics of them at the beach she was on top of Justin and they were kissing (she was in a bikini and he had no shirt on too fast hate u Selena u takin it to fast

    • Jenna

      I Thinking the same^^

      Selena Is Eww! She cant sing I HATE HER!

      and she a bieber get a hotel alone WHY ARE YOU GONNA DO THAT? xD There taking it too fast

      • Common Sense

        Hey! Use your common sense! It was her decision! And plus we can all tell you both are just jealous, because she was found, and you weren’t. She has Justin, and you don’t. She has fame and fortune, and you don’t. So you can shut up, because you probably aren’t pure, shut up because you’re jealous she did it with Justin Bieber, or you can still shut up, because no one cares what crack-heads like you have to say about people, like her. Even if she didn’t it, it’s not your place to call her things like, ‘ewwww’ Because you probably don’t even know what it’s like to be in her shoes. Probably because her shoes are worth more than your life.