cyber sex: death threats about dating, the sexualization of justin bieber, and would you move next to your ex?

is this dude really worth death threats?

Justin Bieber, his cover of Vanity Fair has hit shelves and even if you’re the type of gURL who refuses to say words like “Belieber,” you probably think he looks cute. But is the cover too sexy? And is the mag getting away with the objectification just because he’s a guy? (Or is the media overreacting, like usual?) [Time]

Speaking of Biebes, have you ever been threatened by a girl after you hooked up with her ex? So has Selena Gomez. Well, kinda. The Disney star has received loads of death threats about her rumored-boyfriend Justin Bieber. [The Frisky]

It’s not just gay teens that are mercilessly bullied. Turns out, bullying is a problem in high school for all teens – gay and straight, jocks and nerds, rich and poor. Who knew?! [Jezebel]

Some guy told Ryan Gosling that The Notebook inspired his girlfriend to dump him (and if that dude’s girlfriend found The Notebook that thought-provoking, maybe they’re both better off). Has a movie ever influenced your relationship? [Glamour]

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly moving in right next to ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson. That’s one way to try to get back with your ex… [Your Tango]

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  • Skylar

    They are good together 🙂

  • Justin bieber ;

    Hes young , Goodlooking,Talented & Rich

    What MORE can girl's ask for <3

    • Cammie

      Not him? Idg why everyone likes him. Care to explain? If so, please don't just say he's really cute. And liking a guy just for money is wrong. It's not cool.