what we wish we knew when we lost it

the cast of mtv's skins: these kids just look like trouble!

MTV’s new show Skins is premiering Monday, January 17, and not gonna lie, we’re pretty freakin’ excited. Personally, we couldn’t get enough of the U.K. version, about a group of teens who are rebelling against their parents, experimenting, and finding themselves in the world.

And just like the original, the adapted MTV version talks a lot about something you’re already doing or thinking about doing: Having sex. Sure, we could beat around the bush and pretend gURLs weren’t losing their virginities as young as 13, but we’ll leave that up to your parents instead.

|VIDEO: The MTV Skins cast counts down the ten things they never want their parents to find out!|

For those of you who are losing your v-cards at such a young age, there’s a lot of confusion that comes along with it. That’s why we asked gURL readers like you to share their experiences in the Shout Out Boards.

And voila — we’ve compiled your answers into a list of things we wish we knew before we did it:

We wish we knew that it doesn’t matter if your friends around you are having sex, only you know when the time is right.

We wish we knew never ever to put ourselves at risk by doing it without a condom. We got lucky, but some gURLs didn’t and had to deal with the consequences of unwanted pregnancy or STDs.

We wish we knew a little bit more about man parts. Knowing what your guy is feeling is just as important as him knowing what you’re feeling!

|How well do you know a guy’s junk? Take the quiz and find out!|

We wish we knew that being in doubt means don’t do it. If there’s any small part in you that is doubting having sex, listen to it.

We wish we knew sex is not as glamorous as it looks on TV.

We wish we knew that the emotional after-effects of having sex sometimes last longer than having sex itself.

We wish we knew that guys can’t really tell if you’re a virgin or not.

We wish we knew how uncomfortable sex could be for the first time. And how much blood can be involved when a gURL’s hymen breaks during sex.

So, do you have anything to add to our list? Sound off in the comments!


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  • XYZw

    I have a boyfriend and he is 17, and i will be 17 also soon. He wants to have sex, and i think i am ready but i don’t want my parents to find out if we do. How can i prevent this? Other than using protection and being safe are there any other ways i can protect myself? What else do i need to know?

    • Calensia

      You can make sure that your boyfriend doesn’t gloat about it cause that’s how parents find out majority of the time as for being protected using a condom, being on birth control , and him pulling out before he comes in case the condom breaks (better safe then sorry)

  • sxyangelbabe

    why is there such worry and concern re. the first time and bleeding/being sore?
    There is not much bleeding at all. It is tiny tiny amount. If you are scared or anxious and anticipate pain then you are going to approach first time sex with such fear you will really screw things up for yourself. What you need to do is wait to be really sexually turned on and extremely aroused. You will know that because you will become really wet and moist. When that happens you know that sex will happen very easily and he will be able to penetrate you easily and you wont feel much pain at all. Its such an awesome feeling. It is extremely enjoyable. Dont destroy the opportunity to have an enjoyable experience by thinking of all the negatives. Those negatives are just a tiny part of the whole enjoyable thing.
    So dont get worriedor worked up about all that trite gossip.

  • Taylor

    How much does a girl bleed?