hookup confession: he finally said the “l” word while we were doing it

sure, it's cheesy, but this is the "better" way of saying 143 in a bed

Today’s hookup confession is from our gURL, hesmyweakness. There’s no better time for him to say the three official relationship sealing words than when he’s panting on top of you, right? But whether this gURL’s BF’s profession of love was real or just an in-the-spur-of-the moment kind of thing, this is how it all went down:

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The first time my BF said “I love you,” was after three or four months of dating…and he said it during sex! Yeah, worst possible thing ever. It surprised me because I had no idea he was going to say it, and I didn’t say anything back. Afterward, we talked about it, he told me he was sorry for freaking me out but he had to say it because he truly meant it. I told him I couldn’t say it back yet because I wasn’t ready nor did I have those feelings yet (Of course, I was really nice about it.).

About two months later I got the urge to say it to him. One day after I got out of the shower he had to run a quick trip and he kissed me before he left, so I simply said, “Baby, I love you,” as he was walking out the door. He turned around and was like what? I repeated it, he picked me up and said, “Baby, I love you too,” and then we had amazing sex. 😀

Has your lover ever said things they didn’t mean during sex?

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  • Marrie

    That is soooo cute! It’s so nice that you told him so casually

  • Ari

    thats actually really cute 😛

  • Crystal

    My ex used to tell me he loved me all the time and I told him every time I kissed him as I did. Still do lol

  • Ashley

    That is so cuteee <3. When my boyfriend first said i love you, i said i love you bk, bt later i explained to him that i din't feel the same way yet, i dont know why i said it bk to him. A bit later on i fell in love with him and now were all loved up, i love saying it to him and he says it bk. It makes you feel so nice and special inside.

  • aliyah

    i thought i was the only 1 on this because i really don’t tell boys i love you, i tell them i like you but inside some reason it has a crush on you but im not into saying ” i love you ” 🙁 it’s not a bad thing for me it’s just that im not ready yet :))

  • eileen