This gURL Cut Herself Over Justin Bieber

this gURL loves Justin Bieber so much it hurts

Okay, we know Bieber Fever is at an all-time high. In fact, it should probably be renamed Bieber Plague, especially after this pic.

One Justin fan has taken things to a new extreme by cutting “JB I Love You” into her arm and posting the pic on Twitter.

How does this make you feel? When has a fan gone too far? Is doing something like this insensitive to cutters everywhere?

Have you ever cut yourself for any reason? Sound off below!


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  • Louisa

    Cutting is coping method to turn the emotional pain into physical.Although I havent gone through it myself so I cant dwell on it.But I am sure that this girl is being ridiculous!If Justin Bieber was to see this then he would not feel proud honored or good.He would feel guilty and ashamed that someone would do this because of him.Personally I think was being awful to herself for no good reason.

  • Erin

    That’s just stupid and ungodly and wrong I hope you know that this is so wrong.

  • Jada

    You shouldn’t cut your self it’s stupid he’s not gonna stop but you can

  • Joyce

    Omg! Personally I think cutting yourself is just stupid. No offence. But your hurting yourself when your already in pain. But it goes to a whole different level when it is for justin bieber. He isn’t worth it. Sure he can ruin his life but why ruin yours?? Makes no sense what so ever!!!

  • Long Dong

    Don’t cut your self its stupid. I started cutting my todger. After the first heal, the scar had made it 1cm longer. I’m now 5 years down the line and have stopped cutting now, seems no point since the boy band broke up years ago anyway. All I am left with is fond memories, a lot of scars and a 14 incher…

  • lizzy

    I really dnt think hes worth it to cut ur self u could really die like that look in a jb fan too but only cuz jb is smoking pot doesnt mean hes not going to return to his old self if u really luv him pray for him tell god to help him dnt cut ur selves

  • Devyn

    Please.. I really don’t think you understand the hazards and consequences involved in this. Cutting your wrists is one thing but harming yourself for someone that doesn’t even know you exist is just dangerous. There’s people who actually have emotional problems in which cutting helps relieve the stress they feel. This is down right sad. Think about something before you actually follow through with it.

  • Melissa

    Well,ive cutt myself for personal reasons,my past is pretty bad,but cutting yourself for Justin Bieber? That’s just SCANDAL…

  • One who knows

    i like cutting my wrist. for JB? even better!

    • John

      Wow you girls are really taking it too far, that is really stupid, hope fully you guys realize what you are doing. 🙁

  • affiliate manager

    Well said!