first period, celeb edition: kim and khloe kardashian reveal their first time

there's a first period for everyone! even kim and khloe kardashian!

One thing we love so much about the Kardashians is how open they are with sharing real gURL stuff. From what they do with their body hair to being bloated, the sisters aren’t afraid to discuss stuff that, only years ago, was practically taboo! We love hearing YOUR stories too, but we were thrilled when we stumbled upon theirs! Kim and Khloe Kardashian telling you how their first period went down. So K and K, what happened?

Kim Kardashian: I got my first period seeing the movie Batman for Khloe’s birthday. June 27th. I was with [brother] Rob and [stepdad] Bruce and we had just come back from riding horses for Khloe’s birthday. And I just didn’t know what to do. I told Kourtney I think.

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Kris: I think you told me. And Kourtney didn’t tell me for a really long time because she was a little embarrassed too.

Khloe: I told mom. I was at Nana’s house by myself with Rob in Palm Springs.

Kris: Omg and you called me and she said, ‘I started my period.’

Khloe: On my way back! Kim and I were both with Rob when we first got our periods…it probably scarred him for life! He can pretty much handle anything now — he’s totally going to be that husband buying tampons for his wife.

When did you get your first period? Did you tell your mom? Tell us below or email your story to


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  • rim

    i was 11 when i get my period i was like wtf i didn’t know about pad and stuf ust blood in my underwear

  • Bo

    I didn’t tell my mom for ALMOST 2 YEARS!!! I’m practically a pro at making homemade paper towel pads

  • Monica L.

    I got my first period at 11 at home.

  • sandra andrews

    it happens nd u shuld ve kept a pad for emergencys in your schoolbag but in the end it isnt nyone’s fault u were lucky they had pads at school its way embarassing if it happens at school nd i had my first period at 12 luckily i had pads my mom lended me just make sure u keep pads nd tampoons in ur bag wherever u go so u wont have to panic nd hide

  • gabby

    I got my period, when I was twelve at school I believe. I don’t think I had a pad or anything so I had to go to the reception to get a pad, And that day I went to my friends house, and called my mum there and told her. It was a long time ago, as I’m nearly 21 now.

  • gjgj