Help a gURL Out: Is Cuddling Considered Cheating?


but that's not her bf!!

bri_bby posited a question on the Shout Out Boards that should def be discussed:

“If you have a boyfriend and you cuddle with someone else, is that cheating?”

What do you think? Have you shared your opinion with her yet? And, do you think she should tell her boyfriend?

Turn.the.Paige thinks “it definitely would be cheating for me,” but sun.eyedgirl admits “I’ve cuddled with another dude, but I was drunk and didn’t know the guy well enough to have feelings…I didn’t bring it up;, I think it would just cause some unnecessary upsetness. If I had feelings for the guy though, I think that would be cheating.”

Which side of the fence are you on? Tell us below and help a gURL out!


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  • ilikecats

    If you wouldn’t do it right in front of your significant other, I would consider it cheating

  • Dee

    Not sure what 'cuddling' means in this sense…I always thought it was just prolonged hugging…In which case it's not cheating – as long as there's no intentions or motivations to take it further. It is also worth checking it over with your partner to make sure it's seen the same way. I always had 'look, flirt but don't touch" rule for strangers with my ex, and the 'if you wouldn't do it with me in the room don't do it then' rule for friendly interactions.

    It worked.

  • aelx123

    i think it is techniclly is cheating but if its a speical case and yo guy/gurl understands its i guess its ok. but only only

    ONLY then.

  • Amber

    I think the best way to know if it's cheating or not (other than asking your boyfriend what he considers cheating) is to think of how you would feel if you found out your boyfriend cuddled with another girl. Would you be upset? If you wouldn't be okay with him doing it, you probably shouldn't do it either.

  • hillchay

    This is a toughy. I'd say yes, emotionally and mentally cheating. If it's bound to upset your boyfriend/girlfriend than it's definitely messing with their emotions. Even if you didn't have feelings for the person you're cuddling with. It all depends on the two of you and your views of what's right and wrong in a relationship.