discuss: new racy pic of miley’s assistant licking “there”

oops? or intentional?

Oops? She did it again? Just hours before she posted her holiday well wishes to fans on MileyWorld.com, RadarOnline snagged photos of Miley Cyrus half naked in a new “racy” way. In what looks like a nightclub, Miley’s looking cutely shocked at the camera as another woman (her assistant, some are saying) pretends to lick her breasts!

Miley’s making it very clear that she can’t and won’t be tamed. But is this such a bad thing? Do you think she really cares? Do you think we should?

|Miley’s had a milestone of a year: movies, bongs, music videos, beer… But was it all good? You decide!|

When news about Miley’s bong rip surfaced a few weeks ago, you gURLS had a LOT to say.

“Yeah, she is a role model for little kids, but now she wants to move on to bigger and better things. You cant be a little kid forever.”

But Lena said:
“Miley knows she’s famous and that her life is being watched. So what if she’s 18, she still needs to be cautious, and that is something she is not showing to her younger fans.”

Do  you agree with Bethany? Or Lena? Neither? Do these sex-implicit pics affect how you feel about Miley? Shout out below.


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  • kayla

    miley should be a little more cautious maybe, but everyone in the world id forgetting that she is an 18 year old teenager. its what we do. we go out, have fun, take stupid pictures, smoke out of bongs if we wanna try it. its not a big deal. yes, she is a role model, but do you honestly think alot of her young fans are even going to understand any of this? shes not going to be a child star forever. not to mention i heard shes trying to turn onto a more older audiance. all im saying.. is if she werent famous, none of this would matter. so why make it matter now

    • Kara

      Of course! All regular 18 year olds smoke salvia, takes pictures of themselves nude, gives older men lap dances, and make out in public! Yes, all 18 year olds do that 😛

  • Aly

    She should at least be watched a little. I mean she's not acting as old as she is. Even though we should let her move on to more adult things….she should be held back just a little. Just so she can be watched a little better.

  • lindsey

    honestly, i understand that Miley isn't a kid anymore and she doesn't want to be treated as such. however, she doesn't need to go around acting like a skank to get people to think she's more mature.

  • Jin

    Never much liked Miley Cyrus but she needs to be cautious as Lena says…because she heading down a bad road with characteristics leading up to a future child star gone bad…

  • Kara

    I agree with Lena. Although Miley has grown up, she still needs to be cautious. If you're gonna have a party with everyone there, then DON'T make a fool out of yourself. There will and ALWAYS will be paparazzi snooping around and pictures will be leaked onto the internet where millions of people can see what she's doing. I disagree with Bethany, because Miley has not shown us that she can handle these type of situations. Although it's her life, we don't control her, she does know for a fact that everyone will gossip about her actions. TIP: Always stay on your guard.

  • aimee:)

    you are thirteen you have no idea what you are talkin about you probably wanna be just like her yourself

  • Arielis

    Okay so to start this off.. I don't like Miley Cyrus a lot but what I'm realizinq is OKAY we qet it she is a bad role model but if you don't want your little sisters, brothers, cousins, or children to see this then don't let them watch thinqs like this and if the press have anythinq to say about her beinq a bad role model why are they helpinq her be one? Why are they publishinq the photos that show these children how she is actinq! If you don't like the way she is actinq then DON'T let the children look at this stuff! & DON'T publish it. I understand that they need their jobs and their money but if they wouldn't let their own kids do this kind of stuff then DON'T PUBLISH IT FOR OTHER KIDS TOO SEE!!!!!!!!!!

    From the view of a thirteen year old baby qirl!!

  • Anna

    Miley is an adult now right!?! She makes here own choces now!! Not like she wanted to be a roll model it just turned out that way! I dont like miley at all I hate country or anything like that but lay off you live ur life and let her live hers if she wasent famus no 1 would be saying this!! shes like any other girl were not all pusses hun!!

  • Jy

    Miley is crazy and out of her mind! I don't really like her. At all.

  • Ann

    The problem I have basically is that yes, she's growing older and she wants people to see her as an adult, and not a child. YET, she CHOOSES to show it in a way that's looked down on. Instead of drinking in Europe, or smoking it up with her friends, (Which is her choice, just looked down upon), she could make the choice to go in the other direction, acting mature, and responsible. From that stand point, she would be respected as an older person, and not treated like a child anymore.

    My little cousin ADMIRES HER LIKE NO OTHER. So when she sees these "racy" photos and videos, she wants to be like her. Lately, she's been wanting to wear more revealing clothing. And she's only nine! I can't blame Miley for turning my cousin into a kid who wants to reveal her skin to everyone, but she could at least clean up her act a little. WE GET IT, YOU'RE GROWING! Just do this stuff on your own! Not where the world can see!

  • Did she ask to be a role model? Nope it just turned out that way you'rer saying she's a slut but what does that say about you. She's a teenager, a legal adult now. Lay off of her. Whatever she wants to do is up to her. Just because little kids look up to her that's there parents problem because it's not her job to take care of those kids it's their parents job.

  • Lilly

    How disgusting. Shes a role model to little kids… like my niece. she loves "hannah montanna" and most other little kids also idolise her. it is horrible to think that she just sat there and did nothing. If she choses to do that sort of thing, knowing that cameras follow here everywhere she shouldn't be allowed to be in childrens programs! its just sick!!

    • Arielis

      If your niece wants to be like her and idolizes her then that is okay but her parent/your siblinq should be more careful lettinq her watch the bad thinqs that Miley is doinq they should block certain thinqs but noooooooo instead you just sit on the internet and complain about what other people are doinq I mean it is her life… how would you like if their were people callinq you sick because they seen a picture that you took and they didnt like it or if they seen you kiss your boyfriend and automatically start callinq you a "Whore" Or "Slut" OR if they call you "Sick" ?

      From the view of a thirteen year old baby qirl!!

  • KP

    She is such a jerk. I mean, honestly, little kids look up to her. Seriously, if she wants to get it on with chicks and do drugs, whatever. But in PUBLIC?!?! Where paparazzis take pictures and post them for little kids to see and they say "I wanna be just like Miley when I grow up"?!?! She makes me sick. I am fully disgusted with what she has become. As a child, I loved her. I used to be a fan. I'm older now, and haven't been a fan for years, but I always admired her for being such a good kid. I am completely revolted Miley. Completely revolted.

  • Britt

    I know she wants to expand and grow as an artist, but Miley needs to remember that she has very young fans out there. What if some 6 year old saw this? What would they think? She needs to be a better role model if she wants to keep her fans.

  • guuds

    she sucks and if fans would realise that then they would help her change herself by not drooling over her every move stop giving her so much attention thats what she's doing all that for anyway

  • Tiana

    The thing is.. You can be both a role model & a teenager. It's all about making the right choices. She does have millions of fans out there, mostly young girls. That's the issue I have with her. Yes, she is growing up, but acting this way is definitely the opposite.- She's just being naive and having no respect for herself.

  • jewishgirl

    bethany aaaalll the way.

    she wants to grow up and it's unfortunate that the only way she can get that message across is rebel like there's no tomorrow!

  • Ang

    I think that the pics and rumors wouldnt be so bad if she wasnt as famous and if she didn't have a big under 16 fan group! So I guess I agree with Bethany and Lena.

  • Alyssa

    you cant stay a kid forever, yes she is a role model for younger kids.. but again, she has to grow up sometime.. and honestly i dont see why people pick her apart so much, most teens do some pretty crazy stuff at some point, and we dont get picked apart.. its a part of LIFE… stuff happens.

    • Kenna

      Other teens don't have their lives on display, showing a bunch of adolescent girls "this is okay, this is normal, do this and you'll be cool."

      • KP

        True dat Kenna. I am with you on that. She is doing this while even a FIVE year old that I babysit is saying, "I wanna dance like Miley" and "Why can't I dress like Miley?" and she knows that they are looking up to her, that her every move is published, she just. doesn't. care.

        • Arielis

          I understand where you're coming from but why should she be tortured? It's her life people need to qet over her and move on to the next. People should worrya bout what their kids are seeinq but if they are sooooooo worried then just block somethinq and if you catch your child watchinq it aqin punish them and tell them they have to listen to you because you say thinqs for a reason.. Do you understand where im cominq from??

  • I agree with Bethany because look at Lindsay Lohan people grow up. Miley wants to live her life so let her live her life. You cant stay a kid forever your going to have to grow up and fast.