first period: on the sixth grade camping trip!

there's a first time for everything. period.

Dealing with your period on overnight trips is always tough — but even tougher when it’s your first…

I didn’t exactly hate it but I was not too happy about it. I was hoping that I could push it off until I was 13. BUT NOO! I got my period when I was 11 at the end of sixth grade during our school’s camping trip. The morning I woke up, all I saw was blood.

The thing is, I had seen a little blood in my pants before. But I thought it was nothing so I never told my mom.

But I just HAD to tell my mom when I saw that much blood in my pants AND I was going on the camping trip. I wasn’t exactly miserable or depressed about it. I was more like, “Oh Em Gee. Are you serious?”

My mom was going to make me stay home but I convinced her not to. Thankfully, my period didn’t last long, but it was still embarrassing knowing that I had huge pads in my luggage bag! – Jessica

Would you still have gone on the camping trip if you had your period for the first time? Share your first period story below, or send it in to!


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