first period: ignoring menstruation makes for a bloody, public mess

there's a first time for everything. period.

Could her period’s timing be any better? Or worse?

I got my first period the night of my 13th birthday. It was awful. I had read Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret? at least 15 times so I knew exactly what it was and I was so upset. The thing was, that even though I knew what it was, I didn’t want it. I thought if I ignored it, it’d go away. So I put some toilet paper in there and thought that’d do.

My best friend at the time was sleeping over and when I came back from the bathroom, I tried to act like nothing had happened. She kept asking me (she’s a persistent kind of person) over and over and over why I was acting all weird. I just flipped on the TV and ignored her too. I wasn’t mad. I was traumatized!

So, I kept my secret for another 4 months. I couldn’t tell my mom or anyone! I just wanted it to go away! Until… one day, the bleeding got out of control. I was at a restaurant eating lunch and had bled through my shorts. It was broad daylight and I was sure everyone would be able to see. I was so embarrassed. I had to tell my mom! She drove me home immediately, and made me sit on a wad of paper towels so I wouldn’t stain the car seat. She was so excited though. She called my grandmother immediately and I guess we had a womanly moment as she passed the phone to me and my grandmother congratulated me. But what did I do? Nothing! It wasn’t something I worked for! It just happened. And I hated it. Am I the only one who hated getting her period?

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  • Barbara Loomis

    Ok, maybe I’m too old to be posting on this website :-), but a friend posted this article and the “happy first period” cake caught my eye. I just wrote a post about my first period experience and how my view has changed over the years, so I thought it would be relevant to post here. Anyway, this was my first period experience,

  • Hailey

    OMG!!!!! MY TEACHER IS ALWAYS SAYING ALL OF US 6TH GRADE GIRLS SHOULD READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!! her name is Mrs. Upton. Whenever she talks about it she's like NO BOYS YOU CAN NOT READ IT TOO!!!!!! And when she says that we all know the book has "Girl Issues" and the guys are all either like SWEEEET!!!! or like Ewwww nastyness. I think it's hilarious. P.S. im a sceen/tomboy, just in case you were wondering.

  • Haley

    I remember when i started mine, mine stopped for a long time, i asked my mom why, and she said that when you first start, for some people, it stops for a while, then starts up again. My friend had hers to stop for 4-6 months,and she started again. so i would be to worried 🙂

  • shortie

    One of the worst days of my life!

    It was December 5 and I was in 5th grade. It was a Sunday and I was having a long distance Christmas party at my house. Right when the first person came I rushed into the restroom to hide, (because our family hates her) and I decided I should try to go to the bathroom. All I could see was blood on my underwear. I knew I couldn't tell my mom because we had guests and that would be really embarrassing, so I just put on those teeny tiny pads so that my mom wouldn't notice and ask me about it. Then later after the party, I had a 4-H party to go to and I brought some tiny pads in my pocket, but I ran out. So then I had to use toilet paper! When I was at home and my mom was in my room I told her. It was scary having to tell her something like that. But I'm glad I told her sooner than later.

  • Dee

    Getting my period was funny. I was having a conversation about my period to mom and she was nagging to me about how it was SO important to tell her when I got my period. I excused myself to go to the restroom, and I got my period! I went and told my mom about it. She FREAKED. She was so happy! She started calling all our female relatives and when she was done she suggested having a "period party". Where people brought pads and tampons instead of gifts.

  • Blair

    mine was really uninteresting. i was at camp and i was 13 years old before 8th grade, and i caught it right before it leaked through my underwear. but i did have another 7 hours until i would go back to my room, so i had to survive on one huge and uncomfortable diaper-feeling pads from the vending machine until dinner.

  • Sydney

    I got mine when I was in third grade…early bloomer I guess.

    I knew what it was already but I wasn't expecting it….I mean I was only nine. haha

  • kaye

    oh that. it was may 11, 2005. what a weird day in general. I GOT FREAKING LUCKY. it happened before i went to school, and i got to go in late.

    too bad it was in fifth grade, i was ten, and i felt incredibly estranged cos i was positive i was the only girl in the whole school (5th grade was the top of the school where I was) who had gotten her period. I was mad and I hated buying pads, and worse, my mom made ME go in and buy my first pads. and call all my family members and tell them i was a woman. AND take a note to my math teacher explaining why i was late to school ("dear mrs. herncall, please excuse kaye–very first menstrual period and she took 1 midol.") i was like WATT MORTIFICATION. O___O

    the worst part of it all was that it was the day of the night of the most important choir concert i think i ever sang in; it was so important because i wasn't part of the honor choir at my school (since i arrived at the school a month after auditions) yet my incredibly beautiful and sweet music teacher, who, to further estrange me, i very clearly had an irrevocable crush on (she was a woman), begged me to sing with them anyway. i was honored. (lol see what i did thar?) so instead of singing loud i was worried about leaking blod on my pantyhose and making myself look bad in front of mrs. lavoie.

  • Sofia

    I was baby sitting!!!!!!!!!!! Totally freaked out, but at least it started and ended before my first day of high school…4 days! Relief, and I was so in control telling my mom, and she was too… relief. Thank god the baby i was sittin for didn't wander into the bathroom that time!

  • Tall Girl

    well i had mine 6 months ago when i was at a party with my bestie at the skatin rink but i didnt know i ingnored it cause i was havin to much fun then i got home and couldnt help but use the bathroom so their it was..i was lighthead i didnt want it but it turned out my bestie started hers to cause she went to the bathroom..well then i stopped and got it back 3 months ago lol … but it stopped again so IDK i didnt want mine but havin my bestie with me was awesome!

  • Amanda R.

    When i got my period, i was actually kind of excited. It was weird…but i liked the attention.

  • Amanda

    Well, I was somewhat excited, and somewhat scared. I had knew all about periods and alot of girls had already gotten theres before me, so I was just waiting to see when I would get it. But i was really scared to see what it would be like. The day I did get it, I had the same issue with my family. My mom was excited she told my sister, and pretty much everyone else in the world I didnt want to know! But hey, I have a feeling I'll wind up doing the same thing when Im a mother. It wasnt exactly the happiest day…

  • Jessica

    I didn't exactly hate it but I was not too happy about it. I was hoping that I could push until I was 13. BUT NOO. I got my period when I was 11. End of 6th grade. And there was this 6th grade camping trip. The morning I woke up, all I saw was blood.

    The thing is, I had seen a little blood in my pants before. But I thought it was nothing. I never told my mom.

    But I just HAD to tell my mom when I saw so much blood in my pants AND I was going on that camping trip in 6th grade. I wasn't exactly miserably depressed about it. I was more like, "Oh Em Gee. Are you serious?"

    My mom was about to let me stay home but I convinced her not to. Thankfully, my period didn't last long. But it was still embarrassing knowing that I had Huge Pads in my luggage bag.

    • Yanni

      @ Jessica your story is almost exactly like mine! i was also 11, but in 5th grade. my 1st literally came the day before our class camping trip! My mom was helping me try on a new swim suit when i noticed the blood. i was so pissed because i'd never been camping b4 & now i wouldn't even be able to go swimming. plus my best friend @ the time was a dude, so i was too embarrassed to tell him why i wanted to sit out of some activities. but i still managed to have a good time in the end.