8 texts to snag your sweetie’s attention

little j is a big pro and sending texts that get noticed

It doesn’t matter if your crush or sweetie’s phone is smart or not, if you want to snag their attention, you’re the one’s that has to be smart. Translating that into text-talk though isn’t all that easy. gURL’s breaking it down to 101-level with 8 texts you can try to get your sweetie’s attention.

But first things first, let’s lay down two golden rules: Sarcasm is really hard to translate through text, so only the brave and experienced should attempt it. And, a good sense of humor is required. Now, on to the flirtexting:

1. The Impromptu date: “going to Starbucks for a gingerbread latte. wanna come?”

2. Bold and ready: “Whatcha doing tonight?”

3. “I sooo know ur thinking about me. So I thought I would say hi!” is a good way to go if you’ve had a flirty in-person moment.

4. “I really had a great time! Even if u r a little dorky ;)” This one’ll do after a date, but not let it go too much to their head.

|Hold up. Do you think sexting and nudie pics are the way to their heart? Not necessarily, gURL! Read up and think again.|

5. “Miss me yet? ;)” Perfect for the post-three hour phone conversation.

6. The “Accidental” Blank Text. A simple “Whoops! Sorry! What’s up with you?” follow up to his “?” and the conversation’s started.

7. The “Accidental” Misfire. Send a text to them as if you had really meant it to go to a friend. It could be forward “Didn’t Justin look so hot in that hat today?” or a more mild “It was so cool to hang w Justin lw. i’m really feeling him.”

8. “Hi.”  Seriously. Sometimes, the simpler, the better. A smiley wouldn’t hurt either. 🙂

What are some of your successful flirtexts? Share them below!


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  • readerhi1234

    I have to try the first one! 😀 Oh and for the "misfire" if youre talking about another dude, and not him, that probably won't make him jelous. It will just make him think you don't like him!

  • Nisha

    lol this is good. i'm gonna try this moz (cuz it's a little late now)

  • Iqra

    I personally always start of by sayiin' " Ellooww" and add a cute smiley ;D or a kiss 'x'

  • Rachiie

    Make a wish 🙂

    at 11:11. That will allow them to either say I missed it, and you be able to say I didnt. guess what I wished for? 😉 orrrr if they wish ask what they wished for.