Reader Hookup Confession: My First Kiss? So Not With My Then-Boyfriend.

The ultimate moonlight kiss.

This week’s hookup confession is a little bit daring. It’s also anonymous…but we know this gURL had her reasons.

She writes:

My first kiss happened in the summer, during the third month of my relationship with my boyfriend.

But… it wasn’t with him!

I had spent a few days at my grandma’s in the village, and, one night, I met this blond, green-eyed guy who’s just my type.

We clicked right away, and talked the whole night and immediately felt the attraction.

I saw him for the second time the next night, and we walked around under the moonlight, then sat on the stairs outside my uncles old house ( no one was there) and talked about everything, school, family, life, love..

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He asked if he could hold my hand, I let him he asked if he could kiss my cheek, I let him then it was getting late and i had to go back to grandma’s he walked me there on the road, no one was around.. we stopped outside the house, he took me to a corner he drew me closer but I wasn’t expecting anything.. maybe a goodbye hug..

But I felt his face get closer to mine.. I felt his lips on the right side of my mouth I got surprised so I looked up at him.. and I saw him getting closer again..

I knew I was cheating.. but I couldn’t stop him.. right there.. he kissed me and I didn’t stop him.  It was my first kiss and it felt amazing right under the trees surrounded by nature and under the moonlight and it was just us. I never told anyone.. I definitely didn’t tell my boyfriend.. but it was the best feeling ever.

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  • live and let live

    This story is more about circumstances. I mean its not like she planned on kissing the boy. Im not saying cheating is ok but life happens and sometimes your put into situations where you gotta make a decision you can be caught up in the moment.

  • Aria

    for all those people who are like CHEATING IS NOT OKAY!! this is the cutest thing ever, i give her an exception pass because this is so dang cute 😀 cheating isn’t super duper bad if the person is dragging you down and you don’t have the chance to break up before you find the most amazing person ever <3

  • sylest

    im sorry but this is just a random question ok…feel free to answer if you want….am i too younge to want love? (im 13)

    • Anonymous

      yup lol 😛

    • wolfgirl98

      no- tru love can happen at any age 🙂

    • Laura Bee

      Honey, my friend introduced me to the boy I’m with right now and I was 13 when we meet and I’m now 14 and I love this boy with all my heart!!

  • Kate

    That would be an amazingg kiss <3

  • Anti-Cheat

    You can’t say that every guy will hurt you, some are much more faithful than the girls they are with, I can see how in that situation, the cheating wasn’t That bad, but it is Never right & people who cheat shouldn’t tell others it’s okay. I know someone who cheated partly because she was told it’s not bad to do and at first didn’t regret it but now she is fully in love with her bf, she regrets it everyday! Don’t cheat just because someone tells you it’s worth it!!!!!!!!

  • Leidy

    Omg You Had my dream kiss and i bet that guy was rrly cute lucky girl 😀

  • Cheater girl :)

    gURLS.. theres no denying it was wrong .. but guess what there's such a thing as ex-boyfriend broke up with me about 4 months after that (and no he didnt know about it, he left me cuz "he lost feelings"). it hurt a lot, it still does, he meant a lot but i dont know u cant explain it when u feel this chemistry, u'd fall into it and cheat. and besides at the time i didnt love my boyfriend that much. when i truly loved him he left me ! anyways, i got my punishment, but guess what? I dont regret any bit from my cheating! IT was THE most amazing moment of my whole summer.. and me and my moonlight guy still text and im gonna see him next week .. i havent seen him since then.. and i still feel this magic when i think about him.. and i think.. if i hadnt cheated..and missed this perfect chance.. imagine how sh*tty i'd feel, knowing that i sacrificed this chance only to have my boyrfriend leave me later. so dont ever regret it, besides guys are never that faithful, u dont know if they did the same to u when u were with them 😉 and it wasnt that harmful, since he never knew about it.. i kept it burning inside me and didnt let it hurt him.. so do what u want girls.. they already watch porn and express their fantasies.. while our fantasies,.. they're about meeting this romeo who takes ur breath away one night.. and ifelt that.. and once again i didnt regret it :) as u want girls.. its ur opinion and choice and life, so be good, but guys will eventually hurt u anyways! cheers

  • mublemumble

    Cheating is really bad and can really hurt people. HOWEVER i feel that cheating once can let someone see the light. Meaning they can realize the relationship they are in is not right. Cheating MORE than once is NOT RIGHT and you should NEVER do it.

  • Guerrita

    Cheating is never an excuse. Why be with a person if your going to cheat. I hate it when people cheat!!! ughh!!! I hate it so much,, I ve been cheated on so many times and it makes me sick!!

  • yaryaryar

    There's never EVER an excuse to cheat. Never.

    • the cheater girl/moo

      hey check my reply..