help a gURL out: my fights with mom are causing fights with my bf too!

twettybird93368 and her mom can’t see eye to eye, and her BF isn’t on her level either. What’s a gURL to do when the two people who mean the most to her just can’t understand how she feels?

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She writes:

What’s bothering me right now is that my mother and I are not close at all. We practically hate each other! I can’t stand living with her and it’s affecting my relationship with my boyfriend of almost nine months. Every time she gets me angry I get angry at him and we start to argue because I feel like he doesn’t understand me. I really want to change my ways but it’s easier said than done. I need help with this!

Any advice?

Do you and your mom get into catfights? Are you moody when you clash with your parentals? How do you deal with a guy who — no matter what — just can’t see your point of view? Air out below!

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  • alexis

    i have a ‘friend’ like this, just try to let it slide and take it out on your pillow later.

    Hope this helps,

  • Julie

    i feel that you should sit down with ur mom and try to talk to her and ask her for something and if she says no than just ask her why? and if she says “because i said so,” don’t get smart just say, “okay, how about i give you the night to think about it and tomorrow we’ll talk about it again, but i’d really appreciate an answer.”

  • Natalie

    i really understand where your coming from! me and my mom are the exact same way! we cant sit in the same room for 10 minutes without arguing, and to make it worse she has crazy mood swings because of her pregnancy. Truthfully, i know im the least of her favorite kids. My sister who is 19 and my mom have a great realationship. They tell eachother everything and they fight of course, but only occasionally. I dont have a boyfriend at the time but i know when me and my mom fight it ruins my whole day and im in a bad mood and anything annoys me.. what i do is just ignore my mom when she starts to make me mad.not to the point where im being disrespectfull because that just makes her more angry. but i let her rude comments slide by and go listen to music in my room all day. hopefully your realationship with your mom and boyfriend gets better 🙂

  • imy

    Dear, Tweety i am went through a similar situation. My mother and i were very distant and this started to put a strain on my relationship with my boyfriend. My advice would be to sit your boyfriend and mother down and tell them how you feel. it might sound simple but using words and expressing your feelings can go a long way.