discuss: miley gets caught getting high

let 'er bong rip!

It all started with an innocent beer, right? Then it was a makeout session at her 18th birthday. And now, TMZ.com has just released a video of Miley Cyrus getting high on marijuana.

According to TMZ, the video was taken five days after her 18th birthday. In the sure-to-be-scandalous vid, she takes a hit, sits on the couch and says, “Okay, I’m going to lose it now. Having a little bit of a bad trip.”  She even mistakes a random guy for her “boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.”
Sources say Miley wasn’t smoking marijuana, but salvia, which is legal in California but still gives the user “psychedelic qualities.”

WDYT?? Do you think that Miley is going to be taking a trip somewhere else soon? Is this a big deal to you? What advice would you give her?


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  • Nightmare-Rex

    mistake me for youre boyfreind 🙂

  • Amy

    Everyone is fighting over this, I find it kinda sad. My opinion is just she could act a bit more like a lady, and mature since I think to be in the media business you need to be mature because a lot of people do look up to you and take your example. Sure obviously famous people aren’t the only people you should look up too, but also take it in that you need to choose your role models. So if you don’t Miley is a good role model then don’t look up to her, and be like her. Don’t blame people for making bad choices, it’s their life not yours, and you can choose your role models.

  • Serena

    k i know she is juss a teen and stuff and im sure a lot of u guys have been doing that stuff but.. what i dont understand is not to long ago she was juss some sweetheart and hen out of the blue she is like this total different person and honestly i think she should get help..!!!

  • Renee

    I don't really like Miley Cyrus. But when I saw this article I think my "Miley Cyrus Meter" has dropped to an all-time low.

  • kiki


  • Shannon

    Even if she was getting high whats rong with it ? ide rather get high and chill out then get drunk think im dead sexy , fall over, go sick, get malested by boys who propbly only want to know my name because they think im drunk enough to turn into a slag… i dont like miley but if she turnd into a stoner ide get to like her a bit more

    • Serena

      wtf is she doing??? like i dont understand why she is doing all this crap!!!

  • Gwenna

    Seriously, this was a scene from a movie and it wasn't even pot. -.-

  • sexibeast

    look straight up… miley cyrus is stupid and a peice of trash. i mean she does all this stupid stuff on purpose and acts like it was someone elses falt for it being leaked onto the internet. ive been sick of her scince she showed up on tv and still to this day. but the oly smidgen of remource she can get is the topic of her parents divorce but the rest is all out her being purely ignorant. and thats the truth.

  • WTF

    omg well i got one word and tht is WHITETRASH WTF WAS MILEY THINKING? and wo the hell cars if other girls do stuff like this? she has a little sister well i hope her parents a realllll happy with her if i was her parents i wld have had to call cps on my self bc A: SHES AN IDIOT for letting it b recorded and B: does she not think her parents or anybody else was gonna c it? and all theppl sticking up for her r the stupidst ppl evr

  • Amber

    seriously though she needs friends, friends who dont stick each other mouth to represent each others closeness, friends who dont film each other gettin high,friends who get their own idiviual lollie pop to lick on, friends who dont ..who dont … some other crap but the message is she just needs to take a load off and start doing what she does best…….which i dont know what that is either but yeah she can get high, experiment and so on but you have to think she is a big sister after all, whatever happen to making good choice to show your sibling the right way or not

    enough with the scandals and drama miley should start being a big sister

  • Angela

    I think that shes an idiot for taking bad pics and letting herself be videotaped – but I don't think that she's doing anything out of the ordinary for people her age. What I don't understand is why people make such a huge deal out of it. Also – how would the 7 year old find out anyway since parents gaurd their children these days? I knew a lot for my age when I was 7 – but I've always been like that.

  • Alexxx

    I'm not defending her or anything but people are too hard on her. She's just a teen. Just because she's on t.v doesnt mean she can't have a beer and smoke some pot. I bet all of us did that when we were her age. So lay off.

    • Laur

      i agree alex, shes not doing anything bad for her age. hell she's better than a lot of girls are. some just do some things as adults we wouldnt ever do anymore, then theirs others that take it out of hand. Taking it out of hand is not something Miley has done. Let her grow up without the critics my gosh! just bc we can see whats shes doing doesnt make her bad. if she was an everyday chic and she was baby sitting your kids, you wouldnt have a clue. Bc shes really just a sweet girl. Thats something people seem to forget, shes still a girl!!!

      • Kaytie Pie

        I would understand if it was just a regular kid. But her life is on display for 5-6-7 year olds to look up to!! It's SH** and I'm sick of her acting like she can do whatever she wants. I am sick and tired of Miley Cyrus acting like she can do it and get away with it and people sympathizing with her. She desrves to be punished.

  • Lindsey

    I honestly think these "minor" things are going to land her exactly where a fellow Disney channel star Lindsey Lohan is–OFF THE DEEP END!!! I can only hope that it doesnt! Lindsey started the same way Miley has and look where she is! (SMH)

  • eliza

    who ever read what i wrote never mind cuz i thought it was marajah lol never mind

  • eliza

    well it is an idot but if you in her place you would be like scared did she let them video tape it for fun or did someone sneak up on her and videotaped it ettin high isnt that bad everyone will do it at sum poin but if yall dont kno it isnt as bad as other suff she could be doing she a star and she tryin to get attention but have a question anty of yall knew what she smoked out of was it a bong or a joint or sum shit like that

  • Katelyn

    She's obviously an idiot. 1. Salvia is legal but it's like LSD and kills your brain a hell of a lot faster than Marijuana which is just a freaking leaf. If you're going to be dumb enough to get high at least smoke something a little safer so you don't kill yourself. 2. You're famous, you get high, you let someone film it? And you don't think it's going to get out? Wow, you're intelligent. She is just a moron… your fans are a bunch of little 7-year-old girls and this is really what you do? I hope your parents are proud. Honestly, if you're going to waste and ruin your life that's fine. But stop mass producing tee shirts and book bags and lunch pales and jewelery with your face on it for my niece to take to kindergarten and get off the TV because you're not the kind of person at all that deserves to be looked up to. Miley should be ashamed and embarrassed at how pathetic she is. It's one thing to ruin your life and be an idiot. That's fine because I can laugh at you and that's the end of it, it doesn't affect anyone but you. But when you're a role model for little girls, it's a totally different story. GROW UP!

    • Laur

      as i replied on alex's…. Miley isnt doing ANYTHING bad for her age. She isnt even part of disney anymore moron! AND Miley is still a little girl herself!!! How do you expect her to grow up when she isnt even 21 yet?! Really?? i should just tell my 7 year old to grow up bc thats logical and she'll listen??? Miley makes mistakes, i'm sure you did… just no one was there to follow you around to catch them. That's when lying came in. Lie to your parent, to the cops… not to your friends so go tell someone else that bs. The whole Lindsey Lohan comment…. that's a tad ridiculous. Miley is going to make choices w or without media. Why dont you wait to judge her once she has become a woman. Not still a child. Look at Drew Barrymore, she made plenty of mistakes, she is now amazing. Miley is NOT Lindsey, Brittani, Paris, Drew or any of them. She's so young it could go multiple ways. She'll guide herself. And the parent comment was just cold. That girl has billions, not millions, but billions. More than anyone right now in Hollywood, that was at 16! Hell yeah id be proud. and for the most part she has mad good choices. whatever that stuff is that she smoked, is nothing like perscription pills. Thats lindseys problem.. and that, is ALOT worse! BTW havent you seen Lindseys progress imbusil.

  • RuthSama

    I think she's an idiot for letting it get filmed.

    • Laur