Help A gURL Out: Should She Leave The Phone Alone?

if only it were this easy to protect your phone

iobsessoveryellow has a sweetie who likes to go through her phone. Only problem? It’s not quid-pro-quo. A little advice, ladies?

She writes:

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how do you guys feel about going through your SOs phone? my boyfriend always goes thru mine like its not big deal *i dont have anything to hide from him so i just dont say anything* i’ve only gone thru his once and found something i didn’t like (a call to his ex that was and hr long, he denied the whole thing. said he didn’t call and his buddy mustve.) so now i’m hesitant to even do it again because i’m scared. whenever i pick up his phone if it vibrates or something he freaks.

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so what are your opinions?

Do you go through you sweetie’s phone? Or is his/her mobile off limits? Does your sweetie go through your phone? Or leave it alone? Let iobsessoveryellow know by posting your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • Jay

    Just talk to him about it. Tell him that you have nothing to hide from him and that going through your phone is unnecessary. I do agree with those before me though, HE must be hiding something because he shouldn't get jumpy and nervous if you have his phone, and there is no reason that his friend should be talking to his ex.. just a thought, stay in your right mind and do what YOU think is best.

  • Ashley

    I have found that usually people when become overly jealous or untrusting in a relationship it is because they themselves are doing something bad. Think about it, he is doing something bad, and he knows it, so he just expects or wonders if you are going to do the same shady things as him. That is why he goes through your phone but doesn't let you go through his.

  • Andrea

    Well, I don't go through my boyfriend's phone unless he goes through mine. And even then, sometimes I don't. It kinda pisses me off when he goes through my phone though. Even though I have nothing to hide from in. It just kind of feels like he doesn't trust me. So yeah, you probably should talk to him about that.

    As for the ex thing, I agree with the other girl that posted. It sounds a litle suspicious. He seems a little defensive. And why would his friend call your bf's ex and have an hour long conversation with her? That's just total bs to me.

  • Cat

    I think you need to tell him that your phone is just like your diary, whether you're hiding anything or not, it's private. You shouldn't have gone through his phone cause that's just going to make him think it's okay to go through your phone more. And about the ex thing, I wouldn't believe him. I know he's your boyfriend and you have to trust each other, but it just sounds a little fishy to me. And him going through your phone sounds like he's trying to find something and that he doesn't trust you. If he gets offended when you tell him that you don't want him going through your phone anymore, then you should tell him to take a hike. I know that sounds mean, but that means he has some control issues and you deserve someone better than that.