confession: my boss caught me with serious hickeys and thought the worst

just tell them your boyfriend is henry the vacuum

What happens when hickeys “attack?”

“I was making out with the guy who would become my boyfriend, and he left some pretty sizable hickeys on my neck. They were located on either side of my windpipe…basically it looked like someone had tried to strangle me.

I went into work the next day at a job where we wore a uniform. I tried to cover the love bites, but it didn’t really work. I was just going about my business when my manager pulled me aside, seeming concerned.

‘Are you okay?’ she asked. I told her I was. ‘No…no I mean are you OKAY?’ she pressed. I didn’t know what she was talking about. She kept asking me if I was alright until I realized what she driving at.

| At least she wasn’t humping a table in public. Check out last week’s confession. |

‘Oh. Oh my god. They’re hickeys!’ I explained. She looked relieved. My manager thought someone had attacked me and tried to strangle me, bruising my neck.

Fortunately the real reason I got those marks was much more fun! (And far less scary.)”

Have you ever gotten a hickey that required an explanation? How do you get rid of hickeys? Share your stories and advice in the comments section below!

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  • alazia

    i luv gettin hickeys by my bofriend. is that normal? it feels so good to me. . .

  • KatamaDama

    Another false-hickey story: There was a time when my friends and I went paintballing. One of those friends was the type who always had a boyfriend, hopped from guy to guy, and flirted with pretty much everyone, but viewed herself as innocent and wanted to save herself for marriage. She had an ex-friend who liked to spread nasty rumors about her and her suitors. Well, we started playing and shooting each other, etc., and she cried out. Someone had shot her in the neck! The paintball didn't burst, either, so it was a lot more painful than it would have been if it did burst. There was a nasty bruise on the side of her neck, and it looked an awful lot like a hickey. She had fun paintballing, but for the next few days she was suffering paranoia like no other!

  • Amanda

    Catherine, the same thing happened to me 🙂 I burnt myself with my straightener and I had to explain that to everyone! Ive never even had my first kiss yet so its interesting how I could have a hickey on my neck.

  • Catherine

    I've never gotten a hickey, but I have burned myself with a curling right where love bites normally are. It was really awkward and everyone kept asking "Did Chris (my prom date) give you those?" So uncomfortable!