ask lena: i think i might be gay! am i?

amber heard is out and proud

Amber Heard recently came out at the GLAAD 25th anniversary party. So Susie was wondering…how do you know if you’re gay?

Unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule, other than being attracted to the same sex. But sexuality is fluid, and there’s no real reason to attach labels to yourself that may not fit. Check out my video below for a better explanation.

Have you ever wondered about your sexuality? Are you against sexual labels? Let me know your thoughts by posting comments below.

And remember, if you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask! You don’t even need to give you name, just shoot an email to


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  • terri

    i am physically and emotionally attracted to girls x

  • A person to

    Well for girls it’s a lil bit harder to define, becuase we’re naturally more open to beauty and femininity. How many times have you heard girls say “oh she’s pretty” or “she has nice legs” or “she has the body for a bikini”? Whereas guys can barely admit if a guy is good looking. So I would figure out if you’re attracted to girls sexually. Sexually being “unf her boobs/butt is so nice. I want to to touch and be touched.” Not “her boobs are nice. I wish I had her boobs cause mine are small and not appealing.” You can feel both ways as well. You may even feel sexually attracted to guys too as in “I want to rub myself all over that six pack.” next find out if you are emotionally attatched to girls or guys (and not platonically). The important thing to know is you don’t have to label yourself. You can if that makes you feel comfortable, but you can also go with the flow. Who knows, now you may like girls and later you may like only guys. Sexuality changes as you grow older and mature. @emilyyyx straight seems to be the default in society. It’s always gay is a phase, never straight is a phase. You know your straight becuase you began to feel an attraction towards boys at puberty. Just like some began to feel an attraction for the same sex at puberty or even both. Everything is a phase in fact. You say your straight but 10 years from now you could be bi. Sexuality is fluid and ever changing, but most prefer to stick to one end of the spectrum.

  • A person

    Im bi curious!

  • Tymia

    I’m bi as well and I have many urges to touch women and men

  • jess

    im bi and at first i was really woried how peoplenwould react to that,but then turned out great,everybody acted cool about it and im so happy 🙂 i hate labels! we are all people we should be ourselves and not hide 😉

  • emilyyyx

    I don’t want to be offensive at all (i have a lot of friends who are gay, bi, or lesbian!) but i don’t understand how you can know if you’re other then straight at this age.. i guess i feel like that because i don’t feel like that to other girls.