does jessica simpson overshare with tmi tweets? lena discusses. you should too.

one of the countless "look how happy we are!" twitter pictures posted by Jessica Simpson

I love Twitter. I love my boyfriend. It stands to reason that I would love tweeting pictures of my boyfriend.

But how do other people feel about it? There is such a thing as electronic overshare — when people just become fed up with your superfluous updates of pda via your twitter, Facebook wall, or, uh, myspace… Jessica Simpson is guilty of posting a lot of  pics of her boyfriend. I’m happy she’s happy, but when does it just become all too much?

So where’s the line? Watch my video below.

So remember, use your common sense and good judgment. Also check with whoever you want to tweet a picture of before you do so, to make sure they’re okay with it. Happy tweeting!


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