gURL exclusive! 16 & pregnant: Kayla’s “scared and lonely” as a pregnant teen

kayla gave up on being a teenager but embraced being a mom

Kayla may be on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant but that doesn’t mean she considers herself a teen. Anymore, anyway.

We got to talk to tonight’s featured gURL earlier today and she fessed up that being a mom and being a teen are mutually exclusive things, even if technically, you’re still a teenager.  “There’s really no balancing the two.”

What else did this gURL have to say about being a mom and why she’s optimistic about her future?

Read on for gURL’s exclusive interview with Kayla!

Hey Kayla! Nice to meet you! So, why’d you get involved with 16 & Pregnant??
From the very first time that I watched the show I was instantly addicted. I don’t know what it was, I just loved it. I remember the first time I watched Farrah’s episode and she was getting her epidural; I remember screaming out to my mom who was in the next room, “Oh my gosh mom! I am never having kids!” Little did I know that I was already pregnant. A few days later I applied.

Wow! That’s a crazy coincidence! So why did you think it was right for you to do?
When I first found out that I was pregnant, I was scared and felt alone. But watching the episodes made me feel better. I thought my story would be different and that maybe another teen mom or expecting teen would watch my show and relate and not feel so lonely.

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So what do you do to not feel so lonely?
I still hang out with my friends some, but normally it is a dinner date, and Rylan tags along. Sometimes I miss hanging out with my friends and I’ll tell myself that it is okay, that even adult mothers have a break, but I feel guilty leaving Rylan, but I think all mother’s deserve a break to go out and have some fun.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve had to give up since getting pregnant?
I had to give up being a teenager to be an adult, basically. All my life I wanted to grow up and be an adult and now I just want life to slow down a little.

What would you tell a teenager that wants to be a teen mom?
I would tell them to wait!! Please wait. Yes being a mother is a wonderful gift, but you have plenty of time to be a mother. Worry about being a teen while you can.

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Can you imagine yourself as a teen mom? Can you relate to her? What advice would you offer Kayla to help her not feel so alone?  Shout Out in the comments below.


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