first period: princess gwenevere and the red riders

three's a first time for everything. period.

BRRRRIIINNNNGGGGG! That bell means it’s time for first period. This gURL may have ruined her favorite underwear, but at least she made a new friend! (The school nurse.)

I got mine when I was 12. I got my period in my Princess Gwenevere underwear, which was my favorite, so I was pissed. I tried to sit through the rest of the day and wait until I got home to get a pad, but it was too much. I asked to go to the nurse and I told her. Then she called my mom and acted like getting my period was the biggest deal ever. She then gave me a pad and I left. Throughout the rest of my middle school years I was in and out of that office because I always forgot pads. 😀

| when this gURL got her period, she felt new responsibilities. did you? |

Do you have a first period story? Were your favorite undies totally ruined? (We’ve lost many a good pair to our monthly visit.) Whatever your story, share it with us! Email! Or,  you can shout it out in the comments below.


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  • eliza

    when i frist fot my period……… i was like 12 years old. it was me who was soo imbarresed my sisters called everyone sayinn my baby sister started her period lol my cheeks were so red. but things were wrost and bd about that….. good-my dad got mad and yelled at me and my sisters was always like omg omg i think i just think i started again he like hurry up and i willl be up in the bathroom ror an hour it was soo funny cuz he wasnt gonna go iinto the bathroom

    bad- i bleed all week its so crazy and its heavey not no light suff i hate it i wish i could be on sum birth control pill o see it=f it will stop sum of tthe heaveness lol it prob wont but frist periods are an big ass it comes up onto you in such a crazy surpriser

    my best friend when she started her period it was soo funny cuz she was drinking kool-aid and it was red kool-aid she thought that she peed her kool-aid out and she told her mom and her mom was like woow we lol

  • Chloe

    In September of 2005, when I got my first period, I didn't have any pads, so I bled straight through my jeans. I asked a girl to borrow one of her two jackets and she wouldn't let me, so I could do nothing but ask my science teacher (at that time, a 51 year old male) to let me go to the nurse to get a new pair of pants. I said "Mr R, a very private thing just happened to me, may I please go to the nurse to get a new pair of pants?" And he was like "Sure thing! I won't tell anyone, just quietly slip out the door."

    So I did. I got my pants and all was well again.

    In December, my science teacher was teaching a mandatory sex education class. On the first day of having both boys and girls in our class, he started talking about periods and said, "Now girls, you can ALWAYS trust me if you need something for your period! Just ask me to go to the nurse and I'll let you go. When Chloe got her first period and bled through her pants, she asked me to go and I let her!!!!"

    Right when he said that, EVERYONE turned and faced me with looks of disgust. I was HUMILIATED!!! It was by far the most embarrassing moment of my life. That was six years ago and I am still teased about it.

  • me the same