ask lena: how do i get back with my ex?

they're on and off more times than a light switch at a cheap rave

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth broke up and got back together (and then broke up again). Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson tried time and time again. Speidi…don’t even get me started.

On and off relationships happen, a lot. Are you in that postion with your sweetie right now?  If you want to get back with your ex, listen up, because I’ve got some advice for you.

The key word here is change. If neither you nor your ex has changed, what’s the point in rehashing the past? You already know it’s broken. If one (or both) of you has become more respectful, more considerate, more whatever, then you might want to take a chance…because maybe one of you learned something that will ultimately change your relationship for the better.

Have you ever gotten back with an ex? Did it work out? Let me know by posting in the comments below.

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  • AnayaWIlliams

    My ex boyfriend started drinking something called “purple drank” last summer. I was devastated when he told me and I didn’t know how to react or respond. I tried sleeping at night but I couldn’t had a dream that he died right in front of my eyes. I was like I can’t do this anymore, I don’t want to date someone that would rather do drugs then spend time with me. All that stress on my shoulders. Unfortunately he broke up with me 3 months later in March. Over lame excuses of course, can’t make time for me or come by and see me. He got arrested at school for having liquor on him and and a pocket knife he didn’t come back till the last week of school. I think its good though that he and I aren’t together anymore. Now I know what I want and what I deserve in a relationship. But first I want to become friends with a guy and not jump so quickly into relationship. I want to date someone a little older but not to old. I think it was best for both of us, now we don’t even say a word to each other and I guess that’s how its supposed to be. I tried getting him help but he was like I don’t want your help you can’t change me. I wasn’t trying to chang him I was trying to help him but oh well. What’s done is done, lesson I learned don’t ever go back to an old bc its like reading the same chapter over and over again. Another lesson I learned is if they do it once such as cheat on you, lie to you, etc they’ll do it again. Don’t fall for the I’m sorry I love you talk.