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mila is magical

You’ve probably been hearing a lot of hype about Darren Aronofsky’s new film, Black Swan. It’s about prima ballerinas…but their competitiveness and sacrifice is more cold iron than pink lace. The talented ladies behind the film are way crushable, and considering the major physical and mental feat that is Black Swan, well…these gURLs deserve their time in the spotlight. So let’s shine it! First up….

full name: Milena Markivna Kunis (aka Mila Kunis)
star sign:
how we know her:
Jackie from That 70’s Show, the voice of Meg Griffin from Family Guy, and Rachel from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

But she didn’t always want to be an actress. Mila told Nylon magazine:

“It was just play-pretend. Trust me, I did not have a clue what I was doing. It wasn’t a job for me, I didn’t think anything other than a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, a fireman, or a policeman was a legitimate job because when you’re little those are the things you see. It wasn’t until I was 20 that I thought I could actually make it a career.”

Mila didn’t know she was destined for the stage, much unlike one of our other Black Swan gURL crushes.

ksenia looks colorful

full name: Ksenia Solo
star sign:
how we know her:
As Natasha on Life Unexpected and as Kenzi in Lost Girl.

Ksenia studied ballet until the age of 14, and comes from a family of dancers. All that training and knowledge put her a head (and en pointe toes!) above her co-stars, many of which had stunt doubles. (Ksenia didn’t.) She told

“The really funny thing is that my mom and my dad never, ever, ever wanted me to be in this business…but it just kind of happened. I blame it all on my mom who was still dancing on stage with me when she was however many months pregnant. I always say that I was dancing and acting in the belly. I feel like it’s something I was born with and inspired by my family since I grew up backstage, watching them perform. I guess it was just a natural path for me.”

Another Black Swan star who danced when she was younger? Our third and final gURL crush of the week…

nothing but nat

full name: Natalie Hershlag (aka Natalie Portman)
star sign:
how we know her:
Princess Amidala from the new Star Wars movies, Zach Braff’s free-spirited love interest in Garden State, Evey from the chilling V for Vendetta, and, like, a million other movies. Nat told she’s always loved dancing:

” I had danced when I was younger, until I was about 12 and I guess always sort of idealized it, as most young girls do, as the most beautiful art, this expression without words. I always wanted to do a film related to dance.”

Of course, as much as Nat wanted it, working on the film still required sacrifice. In that same interview she said:

” I started with my ballet teacher a year ahead of time, Mary Helen Bowers, and she started very basically with me, but we would do two hours a day for six months. That was really just sort of strengthening and getting me ready to do more so that I wouldn’t get injured, and then at about six months we started doing five hours a day where we added in swimming. So I was swimming a mile a day, toning, and then doing three hours of ballet class a day. And then two months before we added the choreography. So we were probably doing eight hours a day, and the physical discipline of it really helped for the emotional side of the character because you get the sense of the sort of monastic lifestyle of only working out that is a ballet dancer’s life. You don’t drink. You don’t go out with your friends. You don’t have much food. You are constantly putting your body through extreme pain, and you really get that understanding of the self-flagellation of a ballet dancer.”

Ouch! But was it worth it?

” The best thing that you can hope for when you make a movie and you put your soul into it like all of us did, is that people respond to it well…so it’s a great, great honor.”

Are you going to see Black Swan? Which of these gURLs are you crushing on the most? Shout out your opinions!


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    That picture of natalie portman doesn't do her justice.