cyber sex: twilight sex scene takes 12 hours and the hot hunks of hanukkah

we wouldn't mind 12 hours of making out with him

The latest Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, has a sex scene between Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and it took 12 hours to film. So basically, all of the world gets it up for Rob, but he can’t get it up for his own girlfriend? [CelebBuzz]

And speaking of cheesy movies, the Jake Gyllenhaal/Anne Hathaway softcore porno that is Love & Other Drugs brings up a great debate: How many times do we need to see Anne’s boobies? [The Gloss]

On the topic of (what should be) private parts, are you guilty of calling a guy’s package, well, a package? Or junk? Or some other penis reference? Yeah, guys aren’t into that at all. [Betty Confidential]

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And if the thought of man parts didn’t get you going, and you’ve got a special spot for Jewish guys, then this definitely will: The Half-Naked Hunks of Hanukkah. [The Frisky]

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  • mooxcow10

    I sure hope that it isn't a bare all sex scene. I hope that the movie is PG-13. Even though I'm 19 I'd much rather it be PG-13 and not R. I just don't think sex is needed in movies. If you suggest something, I know what's happening. I just hope it isn't that bad.