ask lena: will standing up against gay bullying make the bullies think i’m gay?

both madonna and britney are gay icons, but no one ever accused brit-brit or madge of being a lesbian

Kim sees a lot of gay bullying at her school, but she’s scared to do anything about it, because she thinks the bullies will turn on her, too. The world needs a lot more Kim’s though! While doing the right thing is good, no one said it’s easy.  I am straight, and a strong queer rights advocate and I too, have suffered from my share of put downs and bullying, online and in person.

So if you’ve found yourself ridiculed for standing up for gay rights, or anything you feel is right, here are some tips to not let them get you down or give them fuel for their waning fires.

Is homophobic bullying a problem at your school? Tell us what happened! And, what’s your advice for Kim?

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  • nikki

    Standing up for fairness never means that u r wat ur helping. Only because sexuality is a touchy subject when it is being protested. you should still fight for what u believe in

  • Jessie

    While it's hard to be a straight ally, it's also hard to stand up for gay rights when you're actually a member of the GLBT community. People think that we're just pushing our "agenda". So straight people, we need your help to improve gay rights. If you can find the courage to help, we thank you because your help makes a real difference!